Building a Plan for a Successful AI Transformation

We all have a vision of what the future of work might look like. But how can we get there?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are a big piece of the puzzle, but figuring out how your organization can roll out practical applications of the technology can be daunting and overwhelming. The right mindset and set of techniques make the whole process leaner and more error-proof.

RapidMiner helps all of our clients with this task, and we start by exploring possible projects in terms of both feasibility and business impact. This helps the AI transformation of your business suddenly come into focus.

Join us for this 60-minute webinar where we’ll explore:

  • How a “Portfolio Approach” to outlining outcomes de-risks the AI transformation
  • Where the AI assessment fits into a broader methodology of digital transformation
  • The importance of both technical feasibility and understanding business value in building a portfolio of impactful use cases
  • Real world applications of the AI assessment

Presented by: Randy Leblanc, VP of Customer Success