How the New RapidMiner Helps Enterprise Leaders Fully Deliver on the Promise of AI

The new RapidMiner is here, and it’s so much more than a low-code data science tool. To get a first look, join our Founder and CTO, Ingo Mierswa, along with our CEO, Peter Lee, as they walk through:

  • How enterprise leaders can use RapidMiner to plan use cases, build trust in models & scale the impact of data science across their orgs
  • Why buying a no-code data science tool isn’t enough to “democratize” AI or find use case success
  • Why RapidMiner is the only tool that empowers anyone in your organization to do real data science without cutting corners
  • How powerful AI apps make modeling results quantifiable, interactive, and easy to understand
  • How the new RapidMiner helps your teams rapidly scale successes across the enterprise

Get a first look at the new RapidMiner platform.

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