Drift Management and Model Resiliency for the Ever-Changing World

Business impact comes from putting a model into production that performs in a variety of circumstances, so it can withstand the rapidly changing world we live in. The best model is the most ‘resilient’ model and even resilient models need to be managed properly.

There’s no simple KPI for measuring model resilience, but there are simple steps you can take to make your models resilient and much of it comes down to good model operations ‘hygiene.’ You need to maintain your models like you maintain a machine – especially during times of rapid change.

In enterprise AI, business impact is paramount and model accuracy does not equal business impact.

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  • How to perform a model resiliency test
  • Why the common practice of “Model and Run” is a bad practice
  • How Model Ops helps ensure that your work consistently delivers impact across a variety of situations
  • Why collaboration beyond the prototyping phase is so critical and yet often overlooked
  • How it helps to have one common platform and well documented code to aid in these collaborative efforts