Digital Engagement and Sentiment Analysis with Lufthansa Industry Solutions

Customer voice is an irrefutably important component of any business strategy. But, all too often it’s represented anecdotally, or with flawed data from customer surveys. Data science and machine learning are presenting a better way to digitally engage with your customers and capture true customer voice.

As part of this digital engagement strategy, a prompt response to negative comments or feedback can have tremendous impact. The key issue is to identify those complaints as fast and accurate as possible and react to them in an appropriate way. Sentiment analysis provides methods to recognize and classify the negative comments. Sentiment analysis can not only help on customer satisfaction, but also when developing marketing campaigns as it will help companies better identify what to talk to their audience about and how best to do it.

In this webinar, we will show how the usage of sentiment analysis methods and RapidMiner software can help you identifying unfavorable tweets and send a call to action to the affected departments. We will discuss various text cleaning and mining procedures and present the analytical workflow on a Twitter data set. Finally, the execution of the process results in a call to action notification to the particular business department.

Listen to your customers' voice.

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