How the New RapidMiner Helps Data Scientists Be Even More Impactful

If you’re a seasoned data scientist, you may roll your eyes at the suggestion that your company should “democratize” AI. Code-optional tools may seem limiting or even evoke memories of using Scratch. But our goal isn’t to get in your way—it’s to help you spend less time on data “grunt work” and bring more models from prototyping to production without having to force-fit work done in your own IDE.

Join RapidMiner Lead Data Scientist, David Arnu, to learn:

  • How RapidMiner’s new cloud platform helps you simplify and speed up data prep & model ops without cutting corners
  • Why using our fully integrated coding notebook will make your life easier than bringing your own IDE
  • How using RapidMiner helps you automatically document process steps, explain & explore feature weights, and build trust in solutions that businesspeople would otherwise push back on

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