RapidMiner 9.9: You Say Code-Free Data Science, We Say Code-Enhancing

You may know RapidMiner as a code-free visual framework for building machine learning pipelines – that’s how we got our start and how we’ve built our brand.

We’ve invested huge amounts of time and energy to address the needs of the entire analytics team, with a particular emphasis on improving the lives of data scientists who prefer to code. You may be surprised to see how much we can enhance Python-based data science work.

RapidMiner 9.9 makes it easy to package code into visual workflows that non-coders can understand, edit and re-use. It introduces a simplified way to deploy python code at the edge. We also added new ways to jumpstart deep learning initiatives for complex but high-value text and image use cases.

What's new in RapidMiner 9.9?

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What this webinar to learn:

  • How you can more easily discuss your work with non-coders (without scaring them off by opening a coding notebook in the middle of a meeting)
  • How you can process your data science workloads up to 60x faster
  • Exciting new capabilities we’ve added to our platform in RapidMiner 9.9