AI and Intelligent Assistants for Revenue Management

No industries have weathered change in recent years as much as retail, eCommerce and consumer goods, and the rapid change presents exciting new opportunities. More consumer data is available than ever before, unlocking the potential for incredibly sophisticated pricing, product segmentation and category management tools to supersede whatever was built before.

Advanced techniques like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive and prescriptive analytics are being applied across the value chain. This all amounts to selling the right product to the right customer at the right time, through the right channel that – as a practice is more succinctly known as revenue management.

If you’re doing revenue management without AI, you may be doing it wrong.

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  • Pricing, inventory, marketing and channels can all be interdependently optimized with AI
  • Historically challenging and expensive revenue management programs can now be executed lightning fast, without sacrificing effectiveness or alignment with the needs of the business
  • To accelerate revenue management in areas such as portfolio price optimization and cannibalization prevention
  • AI can reduce costs, increase your top line and minimize risk