Advanced Time Series – Multivariate time series forecasting

Time is the most critical factor that influences how a business should operate. That’s why we see sales in stores and e-commerce platforms aligning with holidays or festivals.

Time series modeling is a powerful technique that acts as a gateway to understanding and forecasting trends and patterns. But time series goes well beyond simple regression on a one time series dataset – real world data has many factors that can enrich and strengthen your ability to forecast.

Here we’ll look at Walmart’s sales/demand forecasting dataset as an example.

Time is the most critical factor influencing business operations.

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In this session, you will learn:

  • What multivariate time-series is and how to deal with it
  • Advanced feature extraction of time series data
  • How to improve forecasts with sliding window validation

Join Pavithra Rao, Presales Engineer at RapidMiner for this 45-minute lightning demo followed by live Q&A on advanced time series.