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Industrial Time Series Pt 2

Industrial Time Series Analysis – Part 2

In Part 2 of this Lightning Demo, Scott Genzer (Data Scientist at RapidMiner) will take the prepared data set from Part 1 and show how to build, validate, and score a multi-horizon forecasting model.

Industrial Time Series Analysis Pt1 Featured

Industrial Time Series Analysis – Part 1

In Part 1 of this Lightning Demo, we’ll begin with a raw industrial time series data set and show how to use RapidMiner to prep the data for modeling including equalizing time stamps, windowing & batching, and more.


Revenue Management

Businesses need to be agile and consider ways to adjust their pricing strategy to react to economic environment changes, competitor strategies and more. Learn how.


Optimizing Operations with Collaboration for Success

Manufacturers have a wealth of underutilized data that can be used to deliver optimization across their operations. Watch this webinar and learn how to get value from this data to solve critical business problems.


Prescriptive Optimizer

Prescriptive analytics can help us make relevant decisions by providing a better understanding of how to act to change a particular outcome. Learn how.


Text Mining – Entity extraction

In order to extract the desired information from unstructured text, data scientists rely on a technique called entity extraction. This session will focus on ways to perform entity extraction in RapidMiner Studio.


Text Mining – Document classification

Unstructured data presents many challenges in the business world. In this session we will cover how to solve these use cases with document classification techniques in RapidMiner.


RapidMiner Virtual Optimizer

In this webinar, we cover the topic of process optimization through the lens of RapidMiner’s virtual optimizer—a real-time prescriptive dashboard that lets workers understand the current state of your operation, experiment with potential changes, and then implement the best solution.


Intuitive Data Prep for Machine Learning

Learn how we’re addressing the data science skills gap with this radically simple tool to help anyone from an analyst to a data scientist conquer time-consuming data preparation tasks.


Introducing RapidMiner Auto Model

Join RapidMiner Founder Dr. Ingo Mierswa for this webinar on automated machine learning with RapidMiner Auto Model available in RapidMiner 8.1.


Process Mining with RapidMiner

Learn how to do process mining with RapidMiner, covering concepts such as process discovery, process conformance analysis, and process performance analysis.