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RapidMiner brings artificial intelligence to the enterprise through an open and extensible data science platform. Built for analytics teams, RapidMiner unifies the entire data science lifecycle from data prep to machine learning to predictive model deployment. 400,000 analytics professionals use RapidMiner products to drive revenue, reduce costs, and avoid risks.



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Peter Lee


As RapidMiner’s President & Chief Executive Officer, Peter is responsible for the strategy and operations of the company. He is also on the Board of Directors.

Ingo Mierswa, PhD


Ingo is responsible for strategic innovation and deals with all big picture questions around RapidMiner’s technologies. He is the founder and serves on the Board.
More about Ingo
Ingo Mierswa is an industry-veteran data scientist since starting to develop RapidMiner at the Artificial Intelligence Division of the TU Dortmund University in Germany. Mierswa, the scientist, has authored numerous award-winning publications about predictive analytics and big data. Mierswa, the entrepreneur, is the founder of RapidMiner. Under his leadership RapidMiner has grown up to 300% per year over the first seven years. In 2012, he spearheaded the go-international strategy with the opening of offices in the US as well as the UK and Hungary. After two rounds of fundraising, the acquisition of Radoop, and supporting the positioning of RapidMiner with leading analyst firms like Gartner and Forrester, Ingo takes a lot of pride in bringing the world’s best team to RapidMiner.
Little known factoids:
If Ingo didn’t work for RapidMiner he would live on a sailing boat and be a photographer.
Ingo brought a horse when he moved to the United States in 2014.
Ingo and his wife Nadja traveled more than 20,000 miles through 20 countries – on their bicycles.

Lars Bauerle


As Chief Product Officer, Lars is chartered with the Company’s global product management and strategy. He is responsible for the platform, including market and product strategy, product vision, user experience and customer satisfaction.
More about Lars
Lars is a strategic and innovative product leader with 20 years of product and operational experience in enterprise software and analytics/business intelligence markets. Prior to RapidMiner, he was with TIBCO Software, Inc.; as VP of Product Strategy Lars led product management for TIBCO’s Spotfire and Jaspersoft analytics product lines, customer support and cloud operations for the company’s analytics SaaS and Private Cloud offerings. Early in his career, he held product management and application engineering roles at Parametric Technology Corporation.
Lars holds an MS in Applied Mechanics and a BA in Mechanical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.
Little known factoids:
Lars is a proud owner of a 16’ fishing boat named “Bulla” – which means cinnamon bun in Swedish. Lars doesn’t catch many fish.
Lars is on his third citizenship: first German, then Swedish and now “Amerrrikaan.”
Lars rides his 7-speed bicycle to work every day rain, sleet or snow. Lars went missing in the blizzards of 2015 but was re-discovered in the Spring.

Tom Wentworth


As Chief Marketing Officer, Tom is responsible for global go-to-market strategy, demand generation, product marketing, and communications.
More about Tom
Before joining RapidMiner, Tom was the Chief Marketing Officer at Acquia. Tom guided Acquia through its rapid growth phase from $45m revenue in 2012 to well over $100m in 2015. Prior to Acquia, Tom held a variety of Sales and Marketing leadership roles at Episerver and HP/Autonomy.
Tom holds a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign.
Little known factoids:
He’s a leap year baby.
Tom is a superfan of the Smashing Pumpkins.
He tweets, often.
He’s a huge fan of the movies Top Gun and Karate Kid.

Tim O’Toole


Tim O’Toole is RapidMiner’s Chief Financial Officer, and is responsible for all global finance and legal functions.
More about Tim
O’Toole has developed a specialty in leading finance at high growth tech startups. Prior to joining RapidMiner, he served as CFO of Yotta, Dyn, and Rapid7. Earlier in his career, O’Toole was on the senior leadership team at Bladelogic, leading the company through its 2007 initial public offering.

Jeff Bashaw


Jeff is responsible for expanding and leveraging RapidMiner’s global partner ecosystem to further propel the company’s growth.
More about Jeff
Jeff has a solid track record in executive field leadership in enterprise software including global roles at DataSynapse and later TIBCO.  Most recently he was VP Sales at Qlik.  Jeff partners with innovators in ecosystem and the enterprise to drive business transformation and economic impact with the state of the art.
Little known factoids:
Jeff loves to ride his mountain bike and skis – sometimes in the same place but never at the same time.
He also enjoys playing his guitar – not well but that hasn’t stopped him.

Fred Gedling


Fred is responsible for ensuring that RapidMiner and our valued partners are enabled to successfully support customers, as well as finding and developing RapidMiner advocates through the community.
More about Fred
Prior to RapidMiner, Fred was the Chief Technology Officer at Infomatix, an agile analytics leader. Previously, he served as the Global Sales Director, Execution for TIBCO’s Spotfire group and prior to that, CTO & SVP of Global Services – EMEA of DataSynapse (acquired by TIBCO). Fred’s 25-year career in technology also includes management positions at Goldman Sachs International, Stratus Computer and other global technology organizations.
Fred holds a First Class Bsc (Honors) degree in Physics with Astrophysics and post graduate research in theoretical physics from the University of Leeds in the UK.
Little known factoids:
When Fred grows up, he wants to be an astronaut.
Fred loves dogs, which is why he has two pet rabbits.
Coffee is the answer to most of his problems.

Randy LeBlanc


Randy leads the Customer Success team at RapidMiner. Prior to RapidMiner, Randy held a variety of roles at Tibco and DataSynapse.

Zoltán Prekopcsák


Zoltán is responsible for leading RapidMiner in data driven decision making to better serve our users and is the General Manager for the Hungarian RapidMiner subsidiary.
More about Zoltán
Prior to RapidMiner, Zoltán was the CEO and Founder of Radoop, which RapidMiner acquired in 2014. He has experience in data science projects in various industries including telecommunications, financial services, e-commerce, neuroscience, and many more. Previously, he was a data scientist at Secret Sauce Partners, Inc. where he created a patented technology for predicting customer behavior. Zoltan has been a lecturer at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, his alma mater, with a focus on big data and predictive analytics. He has dozens of publications and is a regular speaker at international conferences.
Little known factoids:
Zoltan had a very short career as a slam poet, but decided to manage and organize a local slam poetry club instead.
Zoltan used to be a semi-pro basketball player back when he was even younger.

Steven Ruggieri


Steve runs the global sales team for RapidMiner. Prior to RapidMiner, he held various sales roles at Tibco.

Eric Värnild


As VP of Engineering, Eric is responsible for the development and delivery of all RapidMiner products on time and on quality.
More about Eric
Eric has gathered more than 20 years of experience developing software products in 3 startups and one global company. Notably, for more than 10 years, he led the development team of the Decision Management platform named IBM ODM (also known as ILOG JRules). He has become a master in hiring, leading, motivating, coaching, developing, and evaluating engineering staff. In addition, he was an early adopter of agile methodologies and design thinking applied to user interfaces.
Eric holds an Engineering Degree from ESIEE Paris in Artificial Intelligence, an MS in Human-Computer Interaction from Paris-Sud University and an MS in Cognitive Ergonomics and Work Psychology from Paris Diderot University.
Little known factoids:
Eric is the proud father of two wonderful children, Pablo and Camille, with whom he likes to play games and travel to the countryside to their circus trailer.
He is also a fan of space conquest and supports all efforts to explore strange new worlds and to boldly go where no one has gone before…

Board of Directors (non-executive)

Jason D. Whitmire


Jason Whitmire is a Partner at Earlybird Venture Capital where he focuses on Cloud Computing, Analytics and Mobility. Jason has built, led and exited two companies which reached global leadership (FSMLabs and Wind River Systems). Prior to that Jason co-founded the software business at Comneon (one of the fastest growing mobile software companies in history).

Ralf Wahlsten


A General Partner at OpenOcean, Ralf holds board memberships at MariaDB,, Nordic Telecom and Rapidminer. Before the fate brought him together with the rest of the Finns to build OpenOcean, he had been an active angel investor, as well as a key advisor to the MySQL founders from the company’s inception up until the exit to Sun Microsystems.

Luke Burns


Luke Burns is a Partner at Ascent Venture Partners where he invests in high growth companies with a focus on cloud, data analytics and security. Prior to Ascent, he was cofounder and CEO of Emercis Corporation, a provider of e-commerce software tools for the enterprise, and was a strategy consultant with Bain & Company.

Upal Basu


Upal has worked in the mobile and software technology industry for over 20 years. He is currently partner at venture firm NGP Capital, where he leads the global Connected Enterprise investing theme that focuses on mobile enterprise and Internet of Things investments. Prior to NGP Capital, he was Founder and CEO of Mformation Technologies, the world’s largest mobile device management company, which was acquired by Alcatel-Lucent. Upal has an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MS in Engineering from Stanford University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Imperial College, London.

Nilanjana Bhowmik


Nilanjana Bhowmik is a Partner at Longworth Venture Partners where she has been investing in early stage technology companies for over a decade. Her current investment focus includes cloud infrastructure, big data, mobile and IoT. Prior to Longworth, Nilanjana was an investment banker with Broadview (Jefferies) and a senior executive at Object Design, the maker of the pioneer object-oriented database, Objectstore.

Advisory Board

Usama Fayyad

Usama Fayyad, Ph.D. is CEO of Open Insights LLC. Until recently he was Group Chief Data Officer (CDO) at Barclays in London. Previously he lead tech startup fund OASIS-500, was Chairman, Co-Founder and CTO of Blue Kangaroo Corp, and served as Yahoo! CDO, responsible for global data strategy. Usama has published over 100 technical articles, holds over 30 patents, is a Fellow of the Association for Advancement of AI, a Fellow of the Association of Computing Machinery, and has edited two influential books on data mining.

JJ Sendelbach

JJ Sendelbach is the Founder and Managing Director of Doublejay Consulting, member of the supervisory board of Kayrros, the advisory board of Seerene and the board of directors of DB Alumni. Previously he was a partner at Droege & Company, New York; the COO at WestLB, New York, Deutsche Bank, North America and Deutsche Bank Capital Markets, Japan.

Vijay Kotu

Vijay Kotu is a Vice President of Analytics at Yahoo, where he leads the implementation of large-scale data and analytics systems. He has practiced analytics for over a decade, with focus on predictive analytics, business intelligence, data mining, web analytics, and developing analytical teams. He is the co-author of the book Predictive Analytics and Data Mining: Concepts and Practice with RapidMiner (Morgan Kaufmann, 2014).

Alex Kormushoff

Alex Kormushoff is globally recognized for building and growing technology enabled solutions companies. Over a 30 year career, he has been at the forefront of some of the most important technology trends including predictive analytics, big data, cloud computing and commerce. Most recently, Alex was the President of SHP Data, a Cressey & Level Equity backed company that provides real-time analytics solutions for the post-acute healthcare industry.

Rock Gnatovich

Rock Gnatovich was most recently a Vice President at TIBCO Software where he ran their security acquisition, LogLogic, before leaving in 2014. Gnatovich joined TIBCO in 2007 as part of their acquisition of Spotfire, Inc., where he served as President and COO for 10 years. Rock has spent 30 years in the software industry with a primary focus on enterprise software.

Andy Walter

Andy Walter led the Commercial Services & Delivery Organization for Procter & Gamble’s Global Business Services, where he was responsible for IT & Shared Services. He has over 15 years experience working on Boards and in Board level advisory roles, including Digimarc (Nasdaq: DMRC), Fractal Analytics, Virtualitics (a CalTech/JPL Analytics Startup), Ivy Mobility, and SignalsAnalytics.

Prof. Dr. Katharina Morik


Katharina Morik obtained her PhD from University of Hamburg in 1981 and her habilitation from Technical University of Berlin in 1988. Since 1991 she is professor at TU Dortmund University, where she heads the Artificial Intelligence Unit with a focus on Machine Learning and Data Mining.
More about Katharina
The broad range of methods include statistical learning algorithms like Support Vector Machines (SVM) and graphical models. The analysis of very large data sets and high-dimensional data under resource constraints is investigated for data streams and distributed data. She participated in numerous European research projects and coordinated the European project MiningMart (2000 – 2003). Currently she works on the analysis of data streams for traffic planning and smart cities in the European VaVel project. Katharina has authored more than 200 publication in recognized journals and conferences. She supports open source software development. Examples of which are the first efficient implementation of a Support Vector Machine, namely SVM_light by Thorsten Joachims, which was started at her AI unit, as well as the predictive analytics platform RapidMiner initiated by Ralf Klinkenberg, Ingo Mierswa, and Simon Fischer. In 2011, she established the Collaborative Research Center SFB 876 on Machine Learning under Resource Constraints. Within the 13 projects of SFB 876, 20 professors and 50 PhD students conduct research on resource-constrained data analysis and embedded systems.