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Live on LinkedIn
October 28

Transforming the Shop Floor: A No BS Look at Data Science in Manufacturing

Join us on LinkedIn Live to learn how you can lead a digital transformation—not by starting from scratch, but by getting more from what you already have. By walking through a series of real-world examples that show how your data and machine learning can be used to make smarter process decisions, you’ll leave with concrete takeaways that’ll help you fulfill the promise of data and analytics within your organization by lowering costs, creating efficiencies, and better serving your customers.
Speaking Engagement
June 28 – July 2

15th ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event-Bases Systems (DEBS 2021)

The ACM International Conference on DEBS is the premier venue for cutting-edge research in the field of event processing and distributed computing, and the integration of distributed and event-based systems in relevant domains such as Big Data, AI/ML, IoT, and Blockchain. Our very own Ralf Klinkenberg has been invited to give a talk on Real-Time Big Data Stream Analytics and Complex Event Detection: Modular Visual Framework, Data Science Platform, and Industry Applications.
Speaking Engagement
June 24 – 25

Data & AI Summit 2021

Data analytics and AI are the vaccine that organizations need today. These technologies not only ensure the greatest operational efficiency in the short and medium term but are also a powerful cultural catalyst and long-term business performance. At this live virtual event, you’ll learn how smart organizations and data-driven cultures are turning data into strategies that generate value. Be sure to catch our Founder and CTO Ingo Mierswa reveal secret confessions of a data scientist.
Speaking Engagement
June 14 – 18

Machine Learning Week Europe Virtual Livestream 2021

2020, year of the corona crisis, made it clear: data & analytics are key drivers for the future. Not only in healthcare, where deep learning helped to detect corona infections and machine learning predicted the spread of the infections, but also in industry and business: predictive analytics enabled companies to secure the supply chain of essential goods or to identify new buying behavior quicker than ever before. Welcome to Machine Learning Week Europe Virtual Livestream 2021 where hundreds of data scientists, analytics managers and AI visionaries will meet for keynotes and extensive expert exchanges.
Speaking Engagement
May 18 – 19

DATAcated Conference: Industry 2021

Join the DATAcated Conference: Industry to explore trends, case studies, tools, and challenges across six different industries – financial services, healthcare, energy, retail, sports, and food & beverage. You’ll hear from experts including our very own Martin Schmitz, PhD is RapidMiner’s Head of Data Science Services, who will present on how to make the best beer in the world even better through digitalization.
May 11

Better Together: RapidMiner and Tableau

A new integration between RapidMiner (a leading visual data science platform) and Tableau (the guys who practically invented data visualization) combines two best-in-class platforms to create common ground between business experts and data science teams, letting them explore the power of AI and operationalize machine learning-driven insights in the trusted Tableau environment. Join our webinar to see how this partnership can change the way you think about creating and visualizing the future!
Virtual Conference
April 8 – 22

RapidMiner Japan Industrial Analytics 2021 Conference

KSK Analytics, RapidMiner’s master reseller for the Japanese market, is pleased to announce their RapidMiner Japan Industrial Analytics 2021 Conference happening from April 8th to April 22nd, 2021.
With sessions taking place in Japanese, KSK brings the latest information on RapidMiner solutions in Industry 4.0 together with a range of speakers working on AI in Japan today. In addition to the conference sessions, KSK Analytics will provide hands-on training for RapidMiner users. So, you can participate no matter what your skill level is – whether you are just getting started with RapidMiner or are a more seasoned user!

April 13

RapidMiner 9.9: You Say Code-Free Data Science, We Say Code-Enhancing

RapidMiner 9.9 makes it easy to package code into visual workflows that non-coders can understand, edit and re-use. It introduces a simplified way to deploy python code at the edge. We also added new ways to jumpstart deep learning initiatives for complex but high-value text and image use cases. Watch this webinar to learn how you can more easily discuss your work with non-coders, how you can process your data science workloads up to 60x faster, and other exciting new capabilities we’ve added to the RapidMiner platform in our latest 9.9 release.
Virtual Conference
March 23

SIMPLIFY 2021: Real-Time Data Streaming & Machine Learning Model Deployment from an Easy-to-Use Graphical User Interface

Ralf Klinkenberg, Co-Founder and General Manager at RapidMiner, will be presenting at SIMPLIFY 2021 – the international workshop on data analytics and machine learning made simple. His keynote presentation will focus on a developed real-time data streaming and machine learning framework, and its user interface in RapidMiner.
March 4

Mastermind Your AI-Driven Digital Transformation

A successful AI initiative involves a diverse team of talented professionals leveraging specialized tools, collaborating seamlessly, and adapting to every new challenge in an agile fashion. Join us to discuss the key roles, tools and collaborative best practices to scale your AI initiatives with guest speaker Dr. Kjell Carlsson, Forrester Principal Analyst.

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