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Join a RapidMiner expert each week for a live 45-minute lightning demo. They will walk you through a topic, demonstrate how to do it with RapidMiner, and answer your questions. 

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Lightning Demo
May 26 | 11am ET

Revenue Management

Your business needs to be agile to adjust your pricing strategy in order to react to economic environment changes, competitor strategies and increase your price realization while keeping healthy inventory levels.
In this session we’ll work together on:
1) Preparing data
2) Making price elasticity models
3) And come up with the optimal price strategy to maximize margins
Join Borja Comendiero Lopez, Presales Engineer at RapidMiner for this 45-minute lightning demo followed by live Q&A on Revenue Management with RapidMiner.
Lightning Demo
June 2 | 11am ET

Predictive Maintenance in RapidMiner with OSI PI

Predictive maintenance is a common use case for RapidMiner, particularly in manufacturing. Clients can leverage machine data at the millisecond level that is stored in data sources like OSI PI. RapidMiner connects directly with these sources and leverages that data for predictive maintenance.
In this session we will cover:
• Connecting to OSI PI
• Using AutoModel for Model Comparison
• Model Production in batches, on demand, and in real-time
Join Jeff Chowaniec, Presales Engineer at RapidMiner for this 45-minute lightning demo followed by live Q&A on Revenue Management with RapidMiner.

Upcoming Events

June 10

Drift Management and Model Resiliency for the Ever-Changing World

There’s a damaging cultural obsession in data science with chasing accuracy. This is problematic because the world changes quickly. The data you have during prototyping is almost always limited and instantly out-of-date. We’re often guilty of spending too much time ‘optimizing’ models for test data and not the real world. Is the extra time and effort being used to improve business impact, or only AUC? And do you truly believe that your model will hold up in the chaos of production with consistent performance levels?
In enterprise AI, business impact is paramount and model accuracy does not equal business impact. Business impact comes from putting a model into production that performs in a variety of circumstances, so it can withstand the rapidly changing world we live in. The best model is the most ‘resilient’ model and even resilient models need to be managed properly.
There’s no simple KPI for measuring model resilience, but there are simple steps you can take to make your models resilient and much of it comes down to good model operations ‘hygiene.’ You need to maintain your models like you maintain a machine – especially during times of rapid change.
Join us for this 60-minute webinar to learn:
• How to perform a model resiliency test
• Why the common practice of “Model and Run” is a bad practice
• How Model Ops helps ensure that your work consistently delivers impact across a variety of situations
• Why collaboration beyond the prototyping phase is so critical and yet often overlooked
• How it helps to have one common platform and well documented code to aid in these collaborative efforts

Previous 2020 Events

Lightning Demo
May 20

Python and RapidMiner’s Jupyter Notebooks Integration

Python programming is popular in data science for leveraging all the latest techniques available. RapidMiner leverages these cutting edge libraries through scripting operators and also provides integrated JupyterHub on RapidMiner server to utilize the infrastructure provided by RapidMiner Server.
In this session you will learn:
• How to use Python in RapidMiner workflow Execute Python
• How to use RapidMiner workflows, data sets using JupyterHub
• How to scale Python Workloads using RapidMiner Server
Join Jeff Chowaneic, Presales Engineer at RapidMiner for this 45-minute lightning demo followed by live Q&A on Python with RapidMiner.
May 19

Optimizing Operations with Collaboration for Success

If you need to tighten cost and margin controls to weather these uncertain times, it’s time to draw on the power of advanced analytics and mathematical optimization. Amidst the Industry 4.0 revolution, most manufacturers have a wealth of underutilized data that can be used to deliver optimization across their manufacturing operations.
Manufacturers can get value from this data to help solve critical business problems in a way that facilitates better collaboration between business users and data scientists to achieve success. Watch this 60-minute webinar from FICO and RapidMiner.
Lightning Demo
May 12

Deploy Prescriptive Models Using Grafana

Many predictive models are consumed by end users in applications that they use every day. Dashboards are common tools where data analysis and decisioning happens and augmenting those decisions with predictions and prescriptions can help end users make educated decisions empowered by machine learning. 
With RapidMiner 9.6, we provide Grafana as a dashboard solution powered by RapidMiner processes. Queries are fired from the dashboard & the data is fetched from RapidMiner in real-time. Join Pavithra Rao, Presales Engineer at RapidMiner for this 45-minute lightning demo followed by a live Q&A on Grafana with RapidMiner.
Lightning Demo
May 5

Prescriptive Optimizer

Predictive analytics can help you understand what is going to happen (based on the available information) and perhaps, with the right explanatory tools, understand why it is going to happen. However, understanding the what and the why is often not enough to make relevant decisions. Often, making relevant decisions requires knowing how to act to change the outcome. Prescriptive analytics can help us do just that. Come to this session to learn how to create prescriptive models that take business objectives and constraints into account and make recommendations on the best path to follow.
Join Borja Comendeiro, Senior Solutions Consultant at RapidMiner for this 45-minute lightning demo followed by live Q&A on prescriptive analytics.
Lightning Demo
Apr 28

Text Mining – Entity extraction

Unstructured data can contain valuable pieces of information in a sea of data-based noise. In order to navigate through that noise and extract the desired information from unstructured text, data scientists rely on a technique called entity extraction. Use cases such as document classification, social media modeling, and sentiment analysis can rely on entity extraction to deliver the desired structured data. This session will focus on various techniques to perform entity extraction in RapidMiner Studio.
Join Jeff Chowaniec, Presales Engineer at RapidMiner for this 45-minute lightning demo followed by live Q&A on entity extraction.
Live Webinar
Apr 22

AI and Intelligent Assistants for Revenue Management

If you’re doing revenue management without AI, you may be doing it wrong. Selling the right product to the right customer at the right time, through the right channel that – as a practice is more succinctly known as revenue management. Curious how it can help your business? Join RapidMiner and Revenue.AI for this on-demand webinar.
Lightning Demo
Apr 21

Text Mining – Document classification

Unstructured data presents many challenges in the business world. Document classification is a solution for lots of use cases involving unstructured data, including quality assurance report classification, social media classification, support ticket classification, and many others. In this session, Jeff Chowaniec uncovers how to solve these use cases with document classification techniques in RapidMiner.
Lightning Demo
Apr 14

Advanced Time Series – Multivariate time series forecasting

Time series modeling is a powerful technique that acts as a gateway to understanding and forecasting trends and patterns. But time series goes well beyond simple regression on a one time series dataset – real-world data has many factors that can enrich and strengthen your ability to forecast. Join Pavithra Rao, Presales Engineer at RapidMiner for this 45-minute lightning demo followed by live Q&A on advanced time series.
Lightning Demo
Apr 9

Time Series Foundations – Univariate time series forecasting

The importance and impact of time series analysis and modeling techniques continues to grow. Customers in many industries like finance, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, and entertainment use predictive analytics to identify patterns found in historical and transactional data to identify risks as well as opportunities. Join Pavithra Rao, Presales Engineer at RapidMiner for this 45-minute lightning demo followed by live Q&A on time series foundations.
Mar 18

RapidMiner 9.6: Expanding RapidMiner to full-time coders and BI users

Our latest 9.6 release expands RapidMiner to full-time coders and BI users. Here we’ll show you the major enhancements made to our data science platform.
Live Event
Feb 11-12 | Boston

RapidMiner Wisdom 2020

The RapidMiner team and RapidMiner Community came together to explore data science applications across various industries, cool tips and tricks, cutting edge techniques, and the RapidMiner roadmap. Explore our keynotes, business track, or the product sessions.
Jan 22

RapidMiner Virtual Optimizer

The manufacturing industry is on the cusp of major changes driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence. In this webinar, we cover the topic of process optimization through the lens of RapidMiner’s virtual optimizer – a real-time prescriptive dashboard that lets workers understand the current state of your operation, experiment with potential changes, and then implement the best solution.