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Lightning Demos

Join a RapidMiner expert each week for a live 45-minute lightning demo. They will walk you through a topic, demonstrate how to do it with RapidMiner, and answer your questions. 

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Lightning Demo
Apr 7 | 11am EST

Time Series Foundations – Univariate time series forecasting

The importance and impact of time series analysis and modeling techniques continues to grow. Customers in many industries like finance, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, and entertainment use predictive analytics to identify patterns found in historical and transactional data to identify risks as well as opportunities.
However, modern time series data often pose significant challenges for the existing techniques both in terms of their structure and size. In this session we will:
  • Learn why and when to use time series analysis
  • Identify trends, seasonality decomposition, peak detections in time series data
  • Learn univariate time series forecasting – Build ARIMA and Holt-Winters model forecasts
  • Learn how to generate and validate the performance of forecasting models
Join Pavithra Rao, Presales Engineer at RapidMiner for this 45-minute lightning demo followed by live Q&A on time series foundations.
Lightning Demo
Apr 14 | 11am EST

Advanced Time Series – Multivariate time series forecasting

Time is the most critical factor that influences how a business should operate. That’s why we see sales in stores and e-commerce platforms aligning with holidays/festivals. Time series modeling is a powerful technique that acts as a gateway to understanding and forecasting trends and patterns. But time series goes well beyond simple regression on a one time series dataset – real world data has many factors that can enrich and strengthen your ability to forecast.
In this session we will use Walmart sales/demand forecasting dataset to learn:
  • What multivariate time-series is, and how to deal with it
  • Advanced feature extraction of time series data
  • How to improve forecasts with sliding window validation
Join Pavithra Rao, Presales Engineer at RapidMiner for this 45-minute lightning demo followed by live Q&A on advanced time series.
Lightning Demo
Apr 21 | 11am EST

Text Mining – Document classification

Unstructured data presents many challenges in the business world. Document classification is a solution for lots of use cases involving unstructured data, including quality assurance report classification, social media classification, support ticket classification, and many others. In this session we will cover how to solve these use cases with document classification techniques in RapidMiner.
Join Jeff Chowaniec, Presales Engineer at RapidMiner for this 45-minute lightning demo followed by live Q&A on document classification.
Lightning Demo
Apr 28 | 11am EST

Text Mining – Entity extraction

Unstructured data can contain valuable pieces of information in a sea of data-based noise. In order to navigate through that noise and extract the desired information from unstructured text, data scientists rely on a technique called entity extraction. Use cases such as document classification, social media modeling, and sentiment analysis can rely on entity extraction to deliver the desired structured data. This session will focus on various techniques to perform entity extraction in RapidMiner Studio.
Join Jeff Chowaniec, Presales Engineer at RapidMiner for this 45-minute lightning demo followed by live Q&A on entity extraction.
Lightning Demo
May 5 | 11am EST

Prescriptive Optimizer

Predictive analytics can help you understand what is going to happen (based on the available information) and perhaps, with the right explanatory tools, understand why it is going to happen. However, understanding the what and the why is often not enough to make relevant decisions. Often, making relevant decisions requires knowing how to act to change the outcome. Prescriptive analytics can help us do just that. Come to this session to learn how to create prescriptive models that take business objectives and constraints into account and make recommendations on the best path to follow.
Join Borja Comendeiro, Senior Solutions Consultant at RapidMiner for this 45-minute lightning demo followed by live Q&A on prescriptive analytics.

Live Webinars

Live Webinar
Apr 22 | Multiple Times

AI and Intelligent Assistants for Revenue Management

Selling the right product to the right customer at the right time, through the right channel—that’s revenue management. Curious how it can help your business? 
Join RapidMiner and Revenue.AI for this 60-minute webinar.

Previous 2020 Events

Mar 18

RapidMiner 9.6: Expanding RapidMiner to full-time coders and BI users

Our latest 9.6 release expands RapidMiner to full-time coders and BI users. Here we’ll show you the major enhancements made to our data science platform.
Live Event
Feb 11-12 | Boston

RapidMiner Wisdom 2020

The RapidMiner team and RapidMiner Community came together to explore data science applications across various industries, cool tips and tricks, cutting edge techniques, and the RapidMiner roadmap. Explore our keynotes, business track, or the product sessions.
Jan 22

RapidMiner Virtual Optimizer Webinar

The manufacturing industry is on the cusp of major changes driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence. In this webinar, we cover the topic of process optimization through the lens of RapidMiner’s virtual optimizer – a real-time prescriptive dashboard that lets workers understand the current state of your operation, experiment with potential changes, and then implement the best solution.