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Live Online Training

Our partners are offering Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) for the courses,
RapidMiner & DataScience: Foundations, RapidMiner & DataScience: Advanced, Text and Web Mining with RapidMiner and RapidMiner Server: Deployment and Web Apps .

Classes consists of 4 hours live online training on one or two consecutive days (4 hrs. each day, for number of days see table below). The live portion is amended by an additional 4 hours of self-study and solving exercises per training day. Depending on your time zone you will receive the live portion in the morning or the afternoon, respectively, so that you are left with the afternoons or the mornings of the next day for completion of the exercises.
4 hr live sessions start at: 10am EST/4pm CET/7:30pm IST
Course fee is $699 per course-day and student**.
Expert courses can be scheduled on demand, and they may be split into two separate days of training or offered at different times of day to accommodate more flexible scheduling needs. You may request more information for expert courses here or click on the Partner Link below for more details.

VILT Classes Schedule

** If you are working in the academic field or if you are based in an emerging markets country (GDP (PPP) per capita < 25k USD as defined by IMF) you might qualify for a discount. Please reach out to the delivering partner or mark it in the registration form.

Classroom Training

Private Classes

All our education partners are offering private classes to be delivered in your facilities. To enable your staff to do machine learning with RapidMiner Studio we recommend RapidMiner & DataScience: Foundations (RM&DS-F) and RapidMiner & DataScience: Advanced (RM&DS-A) however Expert courses are also available. Please note that the skills and knowledge taught during the ‘RapidMiner & DataScience’ courses are a prerequisite for each of the Expert courses.
Text and Web Mining with RapidMiner – 2 day (T&W-M)
RapidMiner Server: Deployment and Web Apps – 2day (RMS&WA)
Big Data with RapidMiner Radoop – 1 day (Radoop)
* If the course date is marked in bold then the event is already confirmed to run as there are sufficient registrations. If you are working in the academic field you might qualify for a discount. Please reach out to the delivering partner.
NOTE: before making travel arrangements please make sure to check the partners cancellation policies.


The RapidMiner Certification Program was created to recognize professional users of the RapidMiner Platform. RapidMiner has developed international standards based on experience, survey results, and user feedback for the different levels of certification.


The RapidMiner Certification Program provides a means to validate software skills and earn industry recognition for the competency. A professional RapidMiner certification will set you apart from the competition by earning the only globally-recognized credential endorsed by RapidMiner.
Achieving a certified status demonstrates a high level of competency and proficiency with the technology and is an excellent investment in your ongoing professional development.  In addition to improving your professional marketability, certification will help you to improve the quality and consistency of solutions by applying the best practices gained during the certification process.


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Registration & Fees
Exam fees is $250 for each exam. After registration RapidMiner will send you login credentials and instructions. These will be valid for 60 days.
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