RapidMiner Education offers a variety of ways to learn and develop your skills. Training courses are the most effective way to get started with RapidMiner. And they are the perfect preparation for our certification exams.


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Live Online Training

2 Day Classes

This version consists of 4 hours live online training on two consecutive days (4 hrs. each). The live portion is amended by an additional two times 4 hours of self-study and solving exercises. Depending on your time zone you will receive the live portion in the morning or the after noon of Monday and Tuesday or Wednesday and Thursday, respectively, so that you are left with the afternoons or the mornings of the next day for completion of the exercises. On the following Friday you can optionally attend a live Q&A session.

4 hr live sessions start at:

10am EST/4pm CET/7:30pm IST

Delivery Datasheet

Course fee is $1400 or 1250€ per course and student**.

RapidMiner Analyst Bootcamp

Are you looking for the fast-track option which offers you a great deal? Well then the ‘RapidMiner Analyst Bootcamp’ offering is what you are looking for. In this bundle you attend the 2-day classes of ‘RapidMiner & DataScience’ in one week and then you are granted access to complete the ‘RapidMiner Analyst Certification’ exam during the following 60 days.

2hr live sessions start at:

10am EST/4pm CET/7:30pm IST

Analyst Bootcamp Datasheet

The bundle which includes both ‘RapidMiner & DataScience: Foundations’, ‘RapidMiner & DataScience: Advanced’ and the ‘RapidMiner Analyst Certification’ exam is $2800 or 2500€ per student**.

Something urgent came up and you can’t attend the full class? Well that will be no problem. You will be provided access to online materials covering all the course content and a Q&A online forum for 60 days starting from your first training day.

VILT Classes Schedule

Delivery StyleCourseDatesRegister
2 Day ClassText & Web Mining with RapidMinerJan 29 & 30in USD / EUR
2 Day ClassRapidMiner Server: Deployment and Web AppsJan 31 & Feb 1in USD / EUR
2 Day ClassRapidMiner & DataScience: FoundationsMar 12 & 13in USD / EUR
2 Day ClassRapidMiner & DataScience: AdvancedMar 14 & 15in USD / EUR
Analyst Bootcamp BundleRapidMiner & DataScience + CertificationMar 12 – 16in USD / EUR
2 Day ClassText & Web Mining with RapidMinerApr 16 & 17in USD / EUR
2 Day ClassRapidMiner Server: Deployment and Web AppsApr 18 & 19in USD / EUR
2 Day ClassRapidMiner & DataScience: FoundationsMay 14 & 15in USD / EUR
2 Day ClassRapidMiner & DataScience: AdvancedMay 16 & 17in USD / EUR
Analyst Bootcamp BundleRapidMiner & DataScience + CertificationMay 14 – 18in USD / EUR

** If you are working for an official RapidMiner partner, in the academic field or if you are based in an emerging markets country (GDP (PPP) per capita < 25k USD as defined by IMF) you might be entitled for a discount. Please reach out to apply: Contact Us

None of the dates fits you calendar? Leave us your contact details below and we will keep you update on next available dates!

Classroom Training

Private Classes

We are offering private classes to be delivered in your facilities. For private deliveries we recommend RapidMiner & DataScience: Foundations and RapidMiner & DataScience: Advanced however we also offer the Expert courses below. Please note that the skills and knowledge taught during the ‘RapidMiner & DataScience’ courses are a prerequisite for each of the below courses.

RapidMiner Server: Deployment and Web Apps – 2day
Big Data with RapidMiner Radoop – 1 day
Text and Web Mining with RapidMiner – 2 day

Please reach out to us in case you have any questions or want to schedule a courses at your offices. Contact Us

Public Classes

We also offer the ‘RapidMiner & DataScience’ courses regularly in all our training locations. Expert classes are only scheduled in an irregular cadence. All courses are full 1- or 2-days courses and are usually scheduled between from 9 am to 5 pm. Lunch, snacks and beverages are included. Please reach out to check with us if you are eligible for an academic, emerging markets or partner discount.

RapidMiner & DataScience: Foundations – 2 days
RapidMiner & DataScience: Advanced – 2 days

Special deal!!! Buy all classes during on delivery week and get a free seat to our certification exams!
All courses include 60 days complimentary access to our online video materials for self-study follow-up.

ViennaRapidMiner & DataScience: FoundationsJan 22-23Deu/EngEUR 1440Register
ViennaRapidMiner & DataScience: AdvancedJan 24-25Deu/EngEUR 1440Register
BangkokRapidMiner & DataScience: FoundationsJan 30-31ThaiUSD 400Register
BangkokRapidMiner & DataScience: AdvancedFeb 1-2ThaiUSD 400Register
Kuala LumpurRapidMiner & DataScience: FoundationsFeb 27-28EngMYR 2500Register
Kuala LumpurRapidMiner & DataScience: AdvancedMar 1-2EngMYR 2500Register
BangkokRapidMiner Server: Deployment and Web AppsFeb 26-27ThaiUSD 400Register
BangkokBig Data with RapidMiner RadoopFeb 28ThaiUSD 200Register
BangkokText and Web Mining with RapidMinerMar 1-2ThaiUSD 400Register
DortmundRapidMiner & DataScience: FoundationsFeb 27-28Deu/EngEUR 1440Register
DortmundRapidMiner & DataScience: AdvancedMar 1-2Deu/EngEUR 1440Register
Hong KongRapidMiner & DataScience: FoundationsMar 12-13EnglishUSD 1600Register
Hong KongRapidMiner & DataScience: AdvancedApr 12-13EnglishUSD 1600Register
LondonRapidMiner & DataScience: FoundationsApr 9-10EnglishGBP 1260Register
LondonRapidMiner & DataScience: AdvancedApr 11-12EnglishGBP 1260Register
BangkokRapidMiner & DataScience: FoundationsApr 24-25ThaiUSD 400Register
BangkokRapidMiner & DataScience: AdvancedApr 26-27ThaiUSD 400Register
Kuala LumpurRapidMiner & DataScience: FoundationsMay 8-9EngMYR 2500Register
Kuala LumpurRapidMiner & DataScience: AdvancedMay 10-11EngMYR 2500Register
DortmundRapidMiner & DataScience: FoundationsMay 22-23Deu/EngEUR 1440Register
DortmundRapidMiner & DataScience: AdvancedMay 24-25Deu/EngEUR 1440Register

* If the course date is marked in bold then the event is already confirmed to run as we have sufficient registrations. Courses are delivered in English in case we have international attendees who are not comfortable with local languages. If you are working for an official RapidMiner partner or in the academic field you might qualify for a discount. Please reach out if you have any requests concerning discounting or the language of your preferred date: Contact Us

NOTE: Classes require a minimum of 3 students seven days before the commencement of the course. If there are insufficient registrants, the class will be cancelled and all students will be refunded the full registration fee. Students should organize their travel arrangements accordingly and with this proviso.

None of the dates fits you calendar? Leave us your contact details below and we will keep you update on next available dates!


The RapidMiner Certification Program was created to recognize professional users of the RapidMiner Platform. RapidMiner has developed international standards based on experience, survey results, and user feedback for the different levels of certification.


The RapidMiner Certification Program provides a means to validate software skills and earn industry recognition for the competency. A professional RapidMiner certification will set you apart from the competition by earning the only globally-recognized credential endorsed by RapidMiner.

Achieving a certified status demonstrates a high level of competency and proficiency with the technology and is an excellent investment in your ongoing professional development.  In addition to improving your professional marketability, certification will help you to improve the quality and consistency of solutions by applying the best practices gained during the certification process.

Registration & Fees

Exam fees is $250, 225€ or £200 for each exam.

Upon completion of the prerequisite courses you are ready to take the corresponding exam through our online certification service. The exam is provided on-demand. After registration RapidMiner will send you login credentials and instructions. These will be valid for 60 days.

Register for the RapidMiner Analyst Certificate in: USD / EUR
Register for the RapidMiner Expert Certificate in: USD / EUR

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Here you can find some Certified RapidMiner Analysts or Certified RapidMiner Experts which are active in our community.