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Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

Make targeted, informed, and helpful recommendations that strengthen existing customer relationships and maximize lifetime value.

Build trust, sell more

Whether you’re checking your inbox, scrolling through your social feeds or just browsing the web, there’s a good chance that you’re seeing product offerings that you didn’t necessarily ask for – likely from companies you’ve bought from in the past.

The good ones will earn your interest, consideration, and even repeat business. However, most don’t even get a second glance or quickly find their way to your “trash” folder. So, what’s the difference? The answer is simple – it all comes down to relevance.

Knowing what your customers need and when they need it is the difference between being a trusted advisor and the self-interested vendor who won’t leave them alone. The good news is that you already have relevant data that can inform your recommendations – here’s how you can use RapidMiner to make sense of it.

Find patterns

Pull in relevant customer data, regardless of source or format, to start gathering insights on purchase history and behavior.

Build relevance

Segment customers based on engagement with your brand, products they currently have, and other key factors.

Strengthen relationships

Make tailored offers to customers based on what they’re truly interested in, rather than what you want them to buy.

Grow margins

Drive customers to products or encourage higher-volume purchased that yield a higher profit.

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Say data science is the most (or one of the most) important factor for competitiveness

Understand how other execs are achieving success & planning for the future, so you can make the best decisions for your organization.

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