Deepen customer relationships by recommending the right mix of products

Strong customer relationships are key to every business as they result in stable revenue streams. Enhance customer relationships and drive product interest and purchases by recommending the right mix of products at the right time. RapidMiner empowers you to build cross-selling models in order to recommend complementary products that generate additional revenue. RapidMiner also allows you to employ up-selling techniques to recommend products that yield higher profits. Make your customers happy by knowing and giving them what they want, while growing your business at the same time.

Accurately Recommend Products

Explore customer buying behavior and leverage market basket analysis to accurately predict products that other customers will like.

Increase Revenue

Cross-sell – maximize your income and drive more individual customer purchases by recommending complementary products thereby increasing your average revenue per customer.

Increase Margins

Up-sell – drive customers to products that yield a higher profit and help to retain customers for a longer time.

Drive Loyalty

Understand your customers and provide them with relevant and timely information to ensure they remain satisfied and loyal.

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