Extract insight from unstructured content

For many years, “data” effectively meant numbers and figures. Today, many organizations have discovered the great insights that lie in qualitative, textual content. Online reviews, social media chatter, call center transcriptions, claims forms, research journals, patent filings, and many other sources, all become rich resources that can be tapped through data science to advance your business and organizational mission. Use these insights to improve marketing, product development, risk management, and more.

Conduct sentiment analysis

Glean attitudes towards your brands, products and services from what people are saying about it, in social media and elsewhere. Target communications to adjust perceptions.

Hear your customers

Inject the voice of the customer into product and service design. Analyze direct feedback from users to add features, fix defects or create new offerings that meet articulated needs.

Improve fraud detection

Identify patterns in spoken and written text that indicate fraud may be at play. Dig beneath the surface of transactional data for tell-tale signs that might otherwise be missed.

Improve marketing results

Use more than just profile data for targeted marketing and advertising. Understand what customers and prospect want by what they say, not just who they are.

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Churn Prevention

Identify customers likely to leave, take preventative action.

Customer Lifetime Value

Distinguish between customers based on business value.

Customer Segmentation

Create meaningful customer groups for more relevant interactions.

Demand Forecasting

Know what volumes to expect to improve planning.

Fraud Detection

Identify fraudulent activity quickly, and end it.

Next Best Action

The right action at the right time for the right customer.

Predictive Maintenance

Predict equipment failure, plan cost-effective maintenance.

Price Optimization

Set prices that balance demand, profit, and risk.

Product Propensity

Predict what your customers will buy, before even they know it.

Quality Assurance

Resolve quality issues before they become a problem.

Risk Management

Understand risk to manage it.

Up- and Cross-Selling

Convince customers to buy more.