Text Mining & Sentiment Analysis

Identify and extract subjective information
from unstructured content

Analyze unstructured content with accurate Text Mining

Extract information from publicly available data sources like online reviews and social media discussions to understand and optimize what is being thought about your company and products. Crowd source your customers’ feedback and conduct social market research. Identify the polarity of product reviews and discussions around the web. With Text Mining, the possibilities are endless.

Drive Rapid Growth

Put publicly available data sources to work and identify new business opportunities to drive rapid growth in your organization.

High Quality Results

Leverage machine learning and powerful text analytics to obtain high-quality results and insights.

Identify Trends

Uncover early-stage trends and opinions among your audience for the purpose of marketing and consumer research and enjoy a competitive edge.

Get Customer Feedback

Gather feedback from your customers about new product launches, political campaigns, and financial markets giving insights beyond those from legacy data.

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What People Are Saying

  • We then deployed the engineering fixes with the help of a cross functional team and again used text analytics to monitor the improvements made, evidenced by any significant drop in customer complaint volume.

    Director of Operations & Customer Advocacy PayPal
  • Two to three weeks after the fixes, we saw that the password recovery success rate went up by almost 50 percent and password related complaint verbatim volume declined significantly.

    Director of Operations & Customer Advocacy PayPal

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