Quality Assurance

Address quality issues on the shop floor before they lead to unexpected delays, wasted resources, and downtime. Our proven software lets you improve the way you operate and protect your brand, all while keeping customer satisfaction top-of-mind.

Providing leading organizations with what they want and need.

Resolve Issues Early & Avoid Quality Headaches

Today’s buyers expect quality products. Your customers have access to more information about your competitors and alternative solutions than ever before and failing to meet their expectations can lead to dissatisfaction, churn, and damage to your brand’s reputation.

Anyone who’s worked on a production floor knows that detecting quality issues early can be the difference between manageable delays and an unusable product. With RapidMiner, you can identify and address issues before they cause real damage—and even use what you find to improve future product development.


Quality Assurance Across Four Key Areas

  • Identify production issues early: Spot early indicators that you’ve got a production problem that may impact quality. Detect issues before anyone finds out the hard way.
  • Address issues proactively: Jump on indications of trouble and fix the problem before the impact hits. Take proactive action to limit the damage of quality issues.
  • Reduce liability costs: Improve overall product quality, know about quality issues as early as possible, and substantially reduce warranty and liability costs.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: Enhance your brand’s reputation by proactively addressing product quality issues. Become known for quality products and responsible quality assurance.


Global users

Automated Machine Learning

RapidMiner is an awesome visual workflow designer. The way they present visually is so unique. It helps in speeding and automating the creation of visual models. It helps in creating models in only 5 clicks by automated machine learning.

Senior Software Engineer

R&D/Product Development

Superb Machine Learning Environment

RapidMiner accurately does basic ETL for us. It is a proven way to perform various kinds of data computation and machine learning capabilities. Smoothly runs and can be handled easily. Basically, it has no drawback aside the technicalities involved in using most machine learning tools.


Food and Beverage

Reliable Data Analytics Tool

The tool has helped the business to minimize the manhours spent to do manual jobs in Excel, it is really easy to upload files and work and transform the parameters to your liking.

Senior Supply Chain Transformation Analyst


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