Improve quality standards throughout your organization.

Customers have tremendously high expectations for quality. Not meeting these expectations results in lower satisfaction and loss of loyalty increasing customer churn and reducing the success of your business. Moreover, quality issues can lead to a large customer support overhead and high warranty costs. RapidMiner insures your business against negative implications from quality aspects. RapidMiner can detect quality issues at an early stage and predict their severity – before these issues become a problem to your business. Act on this information to provide feedback and revise production, to govern your customer support, and ultimately keep your costs under control and make your customers happier using quality assurance analysis.

Identify Production Issues

Early on, detect and solve problems in production and ensure that your equipment, machinery and processes are producing proper output and quality.

Reduce Warranty Costs

Improve overall product quality, know about quality issues as early as possible and adjust your warranty processes to substantially reduce warranty costs.

Better Customer Satisfaction

Build customer loyalty while enhancing your brand’s reputation by proactively addressing product quality issues.

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