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Predictive Maintenance

Predict when repairs will be needed, schedule maintenance cost-effectively, and keep your business operating smoothly.

Plan cost-effective maintenance and prevent equipment failure

In the past, manufacturers were forced to conduct preventative maintenance based on either time or cycles of use. This helped prevent equipment failure, but it also meant stopping a well-functioning machine to conduct maintenance, even if there was no indication of anything wrong, costing time and money.

If you’re still doing preventative maintenance, we’d like to welcome you to the future. Predictive maintenance offers a better way to maintain your equipment and your workflows.

Stop doing maintenance you don’t need to do while also preventing catastrophic failures

Why stop your production processes for maintenance if everything is running well? Preventative maintenance guidelines are just that—guidelines! Sometimes, equipment develops a problem even before it’s due for maintenance. 

With predictive maintenance, you have the confidence to keep machines up and running, regardless of time or use cycles. And, you can catch malfunctions that you wouldn’t have been able to identify with preventative maintenance, avoiding costly failures and equipment downtime.

Improve maintenance planning

Optimize maintenance schedules with thoughtfully allocated resources and reduce mean time-to-repair.

Lower maintenance costs

Don’t waste money by performing maintenance when it isn’t needed; only conduct repairs when there’s an issue.

Avoid unplanned maintenance

Minimize unplanned downtime and catastrophic failures that put your business at risk.

Root-cause analyses

Find causes of equipment malfunctions and work with supplies to switch off reasons for high failure rates, increasing return on assets.

Key predictive maintenance components:

Data warehouses to store the historical data from IoT sensors.

Domain experts to understand the data, evaluate potential models, and adjust maintenance plans.

Real-time IoT connectivity to measure and record equipment states.

Drive maintenance insight, regardless of the data you generate


Process video and still images to identify quality issues


Listen for indications that equipment is operating inefficiently


Analyze the vibration of machine components to identify issues


Detect problems like gas leaks as soon as they happen


Analyze end products, like beer, to infer equipment health

RapidMiner for predictive maintenance

You’re ready to embrace the Industry 4.0 revolution and move to predictive maintenance. But how? With RapidMiner, digital manufacturers are able to predict the lifetime of factory components and machines to intelligently plan maintenance, while reducing or even entirely eliminating failures.

Using state-of-the-art machine learning tools that anyone can master, paired with cloud-based or edge-computing systems to read in data from your shop floor, RapidMiner provides a real-time perspective on the health of your equipment.

Check out the case studies below and see how RapidMiner is being used to achieve predictive maintenance success.

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