Next Best Action

Use life-event patterns, buying behavior, social media interactions, and other insights to decide which actions should be taken for each customer. Next best action allows you to create omnichannel experiences, personalized product recommendations, and more ways to generate extra loyalty and spend.

Leading organizations like these chose RapidMiner as their next best action for success.

Right Action, Right Time, Right Customer

Your customers see their relationship with you as personal and unique—and they expect that you do, too. They don’t want to feel like they’re just another contact on an email blast.

Continued loyalty requires doing what’s right for each customer at each moment, be it making an offer, presenting useful content, or providing tailored customer service.

Use life-event patterns, buying behavior, social media interactions, and other insights to build and deliver next best action models through machine learning. Then, decide which actions should be taken for each customer to increase loyalty, make interactions more meaningful, and drive revenue.


Four Ways That Next Best Action Models Pay Off

  • Anticipate each customer’s needs: Use holistic views and all available information to understand their present circumstances. Anticipate what each customer needs next to remain loyal.
  • Increase conversions and purchases: When a precise marketing offer is the right next best action, conversion rates and purchase volumes increase.
  • Create omni-channel experiences: Choose not just the right action and time for each customer, but also the right channel through which to act. Avoid channel conflict and create better customer experiences.
  • Grow brand affinity: Ensure every interaction is relevant, and include offers, service actions, content, and more to make customers feel they’re getting great service.


Global users

Automated Machine Learning

RapidMiner Studio is an awesome visual workflow designer. The way they present visually is so unique. It helps in speeding and automating the creation of visual models. It helps in creating models in only 5 clicks by automated machine learning.

Senior Software Engineer

R&D/Product Development

RapidMiner Review After 3.5 Years of Usage

Really fast and reading all kinds of databases. We use it for merging SQL, MySQL, Oracle databases, with ETL processes. Transformations and calculations are simple to use. Besides that, we use it for automation and optimization, fraud detection and strategy creation.

Reporting Expert


Excellent Interface and Easy Model Generation Thanks to AutoModel

We wanted an easy way to load the data from the Server and write calculated identifiers back. The analysis of the data was easy and fast thanks to the very successfully created interface in RapidMiner. AutoModel made it quick and easy to extend analysis to other areas of applications.

Data Analyst


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