Customer Segmentation

Align everything from marketing to product development and customer service to meaningful customer segments, ensuring every interaction is relevant and engaging.

Meaningful customer segmentation for more relevant interactions

What a group of customers has in common isn’t always obvious. Certainly, there are better ways to find commonalities than simply grouping by age, gender, income and geography – or even recency, frequency and monetary value (RFM). Data science can help by digging deep into all your data to find hidden insights and patterns that create truly meaningful customer segmentation.

Know your customers and prospects

Understand what characteristics really matter when it comes to segmenting customers into meaningful groups. Get beyond mere demographics and RFM to find deeper insights.

Tailor each interaction

Use customer segmentation to ensure every communication, be it through sales, marketing, support, is structured to meet the unique needs of that customer's segment.

Discover new opportunities

Get beyond a single view of your customer base to see the nuances between each individual segment, and the opportunities they represent – for new products or marketing strategies.

Design better products

Determine not only how to communicate to each segment, but also what they each want out of your products. Use these insights to improve product design, and sales results.

How a global creative agency tapped into data science

Brandon Shockley of 160over90 describes the agency’s data science journey, from early prototypes to actionable consumer insights. Learn from some of the ways they are bringing machine learning into the market research workflow. Watch the full presentation here.

Find out how ML can transform your business

We apply our expertise to help you identify the use cases you should tackle in your organization. The outcome is an impact-feasibility map that you can use with or without us.

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