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Cognitive Robotic Process Automation

Make intelligent decisions automatically through AI and machine learning 

Make smart workflows smarter

Cognitive Robotic Process Automation, or C-RPA, augments the world of traditional RPA with the power of AI and machine learning to make intelligent decisions automatically. Traditional RPA is mechanistic software that automates time-consuming, high-volume, and repetitive back-office activities. Combining that automation with AI and ML truly unleashes productivity.

With smarter routing and automatic responses, C-RPA reduces labor hours and cost while freeing up staff to work on more strategic initiatives for your organization. By making RPA efforts more intelligent, more adaptive, and more reliable, C-RPA puts your business miles ahead of your competitors.

Optimize the human factor

RPA is all about getting rote tasks off your workers’ plates so they can focus on the complex work that needs a human’s touch. If your company has an RPA solution in place now, you already know the value that it provides. But what if you could automate even more tasks by investing in complex machine learning models that empower bots to make better decisions in more circumstances?

Augmenting RPA with machine learning is a critical step forward for any organization’s digital strategy. By automating tedious processes, you can unlock limitless use cases and huge cost savings.

Equipment management

With C-RPA, you can monitor equipment and send alerts when unusual trends are detected.

Customer service

Instantly route customer requests to the right place and answer basic queries with chatbots.

Risk & fraud management

Automatically flag out-of-the-ordinary transactions, applications, claim submissions, invoices, and more.

Finance & accounting

Automate paying invoices and allocating expenses to proper accounting categories.

The Power of C-RPA

Break the rules: Go predictive instead of mechanistic to increase ROI.

Set and forget: Let humans build bots to handle the basics automatically.

Unleash creativity: Free humans from rote tasks and watch their contributions soar.


RapidMiner for C-RPA

Ready to take your automation to the next level? RapidMiner lets users build C-RPA solutions tailored to their industry or domain. Use state-of-the-art machine learning tools that anyone can master to build re-usable pipelines, complete with data extraction and cleaning, to get your data ready for a C-RPA solution. And with our integrations and APIs, it’s simple to incorporate the C-RPA’s insights into your current workflow.

Check out the case studies below and see how RapidMiner is being used to achieve C-RPA success.

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Users of data science currently see a 4.4x ROI and expect that figure to increase to 6.7x in next two to three years.

Understand how other execs are achieving success & planning for the future, so you can make the best decisions for your organization.

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