Identify Your Dissatisfied Customers. Reach Out and Retain Their Loyalty

The cost of retaining an existing customer is far less than acquiring a new one. RapidMiner sifts through your customer data to identify which customers are most likely to switch to a competitor and why, so that you can implement a targeted and cost-effective retention campaign in a timely fashion.

Accurately Predict Churn

Know in advance which customers are going to churn and why. Proactively take action on this insight to prevent their leave.

Retain Customer Loyalty

Customers have many product choices these days. Retaining their loyalty is critical to preserving revenue. Predict when a customer is at a high risk of churning to retain their loyalty before it’s too late.

Dramatically Increase Revenue

Happy customers mean high revenue. Reducing churn is key to unlocking and retaining a potentially enormous revenue source for your business.

Identify Problem Areas

Identify where and how customers are experiencing issues with your organization’s product or service, and ensure you focus on improving areas that will have the highest impact on revenues.

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