Leverage the explosion of digital data to create true 360-degree customer views & highly effective, personalized interactions. Combine and analyze huge volumes of data in a fraction of the time to identify potential anomalies or service opportunities. Unify internal and external data to holistically identify, analyze risk, eliminate false positives & reduce the uncertainty of outcomes, liabilities or losses.

Drive Revenue

Increase Efficiency

Avoid Risk

Use Cases

Churn Prevention

Speed Up Your Business with Advanced Analytics

Predictive Maintenance

Predict machine failures and plan maintenance
measures accordingly.

Risk Modeling

Predict and understand the risk potential of certain actions or events

Customer Lifetime Value

Quantify the potential of your customers and prospects.

Product Propensity

Predict what your customers will buy. Even before they know themselves.

Sentiment Analysis

Identify and extract subjective information from textual content

Customer Segmentation

Know your customers.

Quality Assurance

Identify product quality issues and resolve them before they become a problem

Up- and Cross-Selling

Recommend products your customers will like

Next Best Action

The right offer at the right time.



Improve operations with better insight

Life Sciences

Develop and market products that heal

Retail & Consumer Goods

Drive more sales with Predictive Analytics


Retail banking is changing rapidly, are you ready?


Use your data to optimize your manufacturing processes


Improve customer relations and retention


Insure your business against uncertainties

Oil & Gas

Increase output with better analysis


Concentrate your energy on where the benefit is