Live Event: Business Intelligence & Analytics MeetUp

November 22 |  Dortmund, Germany


Join us for this MeetUp in RapidMiner in Dortmund. The guest lecturer for this month’s discussion, Dr. Anne Rozinat, is aexpert on the subject and the co-founder of Fluxicon.  She will discuss how Process Mining is not a reporting tool, it is an analysis tool that can be used to quickly and easily to analyze complex processes. 

Live Event: A New Way to Marketing Analytics

November 28 | Bologna, Italy


Our partner iconsulting,  invites you to participate in a deepening meeting where you will learn how to get most value out of all your marketing data.  Drop by to meet RapidMiner experts will be on hand to help you discover all the potential of the platform and iconsulting will guide you through a hands-on tutorial to help get the most out of your Marketing Analytics today.




  • Overview of the RapidMiner platform:  Discover all the potential
  • Correct methodologies for approaching Marketing Analytics analysis
  • Practice the theory by building complex statistical models with RapidMiner

Live Event: Dortmund Data Science Group

November 30 |  Dortmund, Germany


This group is for anyone who loves data and creates insightful projects with them. Together we will learn new methods, tools and data sets to improve our skills and also apply them in awesome new projects.  Join us at this next meeting to take a look at tidyverse.



18:00 Doors open

18:30 “Welcome to the tidyverse!” – Kai Lichtenberg (Bosch)

18:55 Hackathon “Using the tidyverse in R”

Live Event: Analytics Club of Boston

December 6  |  Boston, MA


RapidMiner is proud to sponsor the Analytics Club of Boston.  In this mini-workshop hosted by Dr Ingo Meirswa, participants will be guided through the complete lifecycle of a real-world data science project. Based on data from the French Telecom company Orange, we will predict the propensity of customers to switch provider (churn), buy new products or services (appetency), or buy upgrades or add-ons proposed to them to make the sale more profitable (up-selling). The workshop will cover all important phases of data science including the ingestion of the data, the cleaning and blending of data sets, finding the best models for the task, validating the quality of those models, and finally putting them into production.

Live Event: London Business Analytics MeetUp

December 6  |  London


RapidMiner will lead a hands-on session where participants implement a decision tree algorithm by hand (yes, it is not difficult at all) and then watch a demonstration of the same with RapidMiner (a data science platform) and a lot more data. This is meant to demystify data science will offer perspective for those who want to take the path of data science .

Live Event: Vermont Tableau and Data Analytics MeetUp

December 12 |  Colchester, VT


Join RapidMiner Data Scientist, Jeff Chowaniec as he walks through building out an advanced analytics process using RapidMiner. He’ll show the integration with visualization tools such as Tableau and Qlik and give a brief introduction to Spark.