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Gain a Competitive Edge with Yield & Quality Optimization

Learn how AI augmentation of institutional knowledge can improve output and quality, creating sustainable market dominance. This manufacturer reduces waste, improves yield, and saves $1 million a month conservatively.

The Challenge

Key product line represents ~$100M revenue/yr 

  • Market dominance relies on high quality product 
  • Currently discard 25% due to high standards 
  • Digital cameras used for inspection 
  • Process engineers still must manually inspect
    • Labor intensive 
    • Error prone

The Solution

  • Process data captured
    • Per second temp. in each zone of process
    • Combined w/ manual reports from engineers
  • Model production lifecycle with digital twin
    • Predict # of deformities
  • Prescriptive optimizer minimizes defects
    • Optimizes temp. for specific properties
    • Enhance quality progressively with ML
  • Engineers trained in AI/ML for diagnostics

The Impact

  • Every correct prediction saves product
    • Reduces waste
    • Improves yield and reduces costs
  • Up to 50% of discards avoided
  • $8M-$12M conservative savings estimate
    • ~$1M Month
  • Maintain extremely high quality standards

Get started with your quality optimization project today!

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