We Need Smarter Bots: The rapid evolution of the automation ecosystem

Mahesh Vinayagam, CEO & Founder, qBotica

The automation ecosystem is rapidly evolving and bots need to become smarter.  This new ecosystem is revolutionizing every industry through its ubiquitous ability to work with any software system, infrastructure and any industry domain. Recently, there is much discussion around whether RPA is a temporary solution with a failing Return of Investment and the adoption is more of a hype than actually empowering Digital Transformation.

This presentation discusses the merits of utilizing the Automation Ecosystem to re-imagine the Future of Efficiency in enterprises without undertaking multi-year Digital Transformation projects. We also discuss what leads RPA initiatives to fail on Return on Investment promises and how to avoid this. Finally, discussions circling the evolution of RPA into Intelligent Automation using technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision for a Cognitive Future.