In this webinar we’ll show how RapidMiner deployed predictive lead scoring to improve sales productivity and grow revenue. You’ll learn how we:

  • Collaborated with key stakeholders to identify business goals & requirements
  • Joined & cleansed data from disparate marketing, product & sales systems
  • Built a training set to identify buyer characteristics
  • Applied the newly-created predictive model and quickly put it into production

Download the sample data set:

  1. Unzip the LeaveBehind.zip file and save it your C:Users<user name>.RapidMinerrepositories folder
  2. Confirm that you have a LeaveBehind folder in the repositories folder
  3. Open RapidMiner Studio and add a new repository. Use the default location but call it “LeaveBehind”
  4. Refresh the repository list in RM Studio, the processes and data should populate