Using REST APIs and Text Mining Tools with Online Chat

Businesses today rely heavily on REST APIs to create and enrich their data sets, and to improve text mining model performance. Yet working with REST APIs in a data science workflow can be cumbersome and challenging. Plus creating topics that best describe natural text from chats or elsewhere adds insight, but with more complexity.

In this webinar, we explore how to enrich and analyze RapidMiner’s own website chat conversations in RapidMiner Studio by: 

  • Retrieving chat conversation and message data using the Drift API
  • Analyzing chat message data using two different text mining techniques (TF-IDF word vectors and LDA topic creation)
  • Deploying predictive NLP models on RapidMiner AI Hub (formerly RapidMiner Server) via an on-demand webservice

If you’d like to access the webinar processes please feel free to download them here.