Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms

RapidMiner identified as a Leader for the fifth year in a row.

4 Real-Time Scoring Use Cases

Learn more about Real-Time Scoring use cases for High Volume, Low Latency, and Upsell Opportunities.

Better Machine Learning Models with Multi-Objective Optimization

Four part series on Multi-Objective Optimization by Dr. Ingo Mierswa.

Data Science: Concepts and Practice

Second edition by Vijay Kotu covering fundamental data science concepts plus step-by-step guidance on practical implementations in RapidMiner.

Data Mining for the Masses

In-depth guide to the basics of data mining with RapidMiner by Dr. Matthew North.

Introduction to Text Analytics

Unlock key customer indicators using text analytics.

Introduction to Advanced Analytics

The differences between business intelligence and advanced analytics.

RapidMiner Studio Performance

Delivering performance boosts of 10x and higher.

RapidMiner Platform Security

Authentication, authorization, accountability, and data encryption.

How to Correctly Validate Machine Learning Models

Easily assess the true accuracy of a model.

Code Free Data Science on Hadoop

Reduce the complexity of Hadoop and focus on the Data Science.