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Better Together: RapidMiner & Tableau

An end-to-end data science & visual analytics environment

Every analyst dreams of being able to take their work and project it into the future, using what’s happened before to explore and visualize what’s coming next.

A new integration between RapidMiner (a leading visual data science platform) and Tableau (the guys who practically invented data visualization) combines two best-in-class platforms to create common ground between business experts and data science teams, letting them explore the power of AI and operationalize machine learning-driven insights in the trusted Tableau environment.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn how to support a team of diverse stakeholders in search of injecting AI-driven insight into their analytical processes
  • Explore 5 examples of predictive Tableau dashboards powered by machine learning models built in RapidMiner
  • Understand why this integration is only the beginning of a powerful AI and visualization partnership

AI and machine learning bring Tableau users the promise of creating insights about the future, not the past. And for RapidMiner users, Tableau’s visualization tools take model explainability to a whole new level.

Watch our on-demand webinar to see how this partnership can change the way you think about creating and visualizing the future!

Michael Martin Headshot
Michael Martin
Managing Partner at Business Information Art
Scott Barker
Co-Head of Marketing at RapidMiner
Nathan Mannheimer Headshot
Nathan Mannheimer
Director, Data Science and ML Products at Tableau