Data Science


Better Machine Learning Models With Multi-Objective Optimization

RapidMiner Founder and President, Dr. Ingo Mierswa discusses multi-objective optimization in as well as, methods for applying it in machine learning with RapidMiner.

How to Ruin your Business with Data Science & Machine Learning

Everyone talks about how machine learning will transform business, however, it’s surprisingly simple to draw completely wrong conclusions from statistical models.

Predictive Analytics: Extracting Big Value from Big Data

As organizations adopt big data technologies, there continues to be a growing interest in advanced & predictive analytics to extract big value.

Operationalize Predictive Analytics

Data science teams do great work, but it is all for naught if the models they create cannot be operationalized in a quick and friction-free manner.

Taming the Beast: Extracting Value from Hadoop

How to close the loop between predictive insights and action using big data analytics.

Selling Data Science: Unboxing the Black Box

Data Scientist Vladimir Mikhnovich discusses how to overcome the challenges that come with selling data science to your internal stakeholders.

Data Scientist Workbench Accelerates Predictive Analytics

Learn how modern Predictive Analytics helps manage and accelerate all phases of the predictive analytic process lifecycle, from source to result.



Introducing RapidMiner 8.0 Enterprise

Learn about the improved reliability and horizontal scalability of the RapidMiner 8.0 platform.

Embed Predictive Analytics into Your Applications

Learn how modern Predictive Analytics helps manage and accelerate all phases of the predictive analytic process lifecycle, from source to result.

Operationalizing Analytics – It Shouldn’t Have to Hurt!

A demonstration on how to use RapidMiner Server to effectively deploy predictive analytic models into your business using customer data.

Want Awesome Models? Build Awesome Training Data!

Learn how to dramatically reduce the time spent on basic and advanced data prep tasks.

Top 10 Tips that Every RapidMiner Studio User Should Know!

Learn the short cuts and best practices for RapidMiner Studio from our data science team, community, and super users.

The Power of Collaboration for Data Science Teams

Learn how to collaborate and share data in a secure and centrally managed environment with RapidMiner Server.

Machine Learning Use Cases for Hadoop with RapidMiner SparkRM

This webinar shows you real world use cases for machine learning on Hadoop using RapidMiner’s SparkRM capabilities.

Best Practices for Using Predictive Analytics to Extract Value from Hadoop

Watch this webinar to learn best practices for extracting value from Hadoop.

Use Cases


Amplify Customer Insights with Predictive Analytics

Learn how to build a predictive analytics solution to gain better customer insights with Cappius Technologies.

Using Data Science for Predictive Maintenance

How to prevent equipment failure, reduce maintenance cost & improve operational processes.
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Process Mining with RapidMiner

Learn how to do process mining with RapidMiner, this webinar covers concepts such as process discovery, process conformance analysis, and process performance analysis.

Enhance Your Call Center Operations with RapidMiner

Learn how to enhance your call center operations with RapidMiner.

Solution Showcase: Call Center Chat Analytics

Learn how to leverage RapidMiner as a core analytical engine for building a Chat Analytics Solution.

Reducing IT Service Disruption Through Text Analytics

Learn how RapidMiner’s predictive analytics platform allows you to use text analytics on large amounts of unstructured data.

Building a Sales Forecasting Solution with RapidMiner

Learn how to build a Sales Pipeline Analysis solution, removing the bias that plagues traditional forecasting processes.
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Using Data Science to Identify Your Most Qualified Leads

Learn how RapidMiner deployed predictive lead scoring to improve sales productivity and grow revenue.
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Correlate Marketing Investment to Sales Opportunities

Learn how to effectively drive understanding in your sales & marketing use case.

An Introduction to Deep Learning with RapidMiner

This webinar showcases the basics of Deep Learning and its broader scope.

Deep Learning: The Promise Behind the Hype

This webinar covers deep learning and the important advancements that have transformed what is possible.



Amplify Predictive Analytics with Data Visualization

Learn how to amplify predictive analytics with data visualization and put predictive & prescriptive analytics directly into the hands of every Qlik user.

Minimizing Machine Failure with RapidMiner and Tableau

Learn how RapidMiner and Tableau provide a complete solution for analytics teams. See how these two platforms can be applied in manufacturing for example.

Integrating Business Intelligence and Data Science

This webinar provides strategies and techniques for integrating Data Science into your Business Intelligence platform.

Text Analytics Delivers Game-Changing Customer Insights

Learn how text analytics can help you discover the hidden social insights that can transform your business.