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Master Variable Demand

Every supply chain requires precision forecasting. Inadequate quantities or improper mix means lost revenue. Forecasting with AI makes variability in demand much more manageable across the supply chain.

Learn how this automotive manufacturer optimized hundreds of dealer orders and generated substantially more accurate sales forecasts leading to a $10M+ benefit in year one and $50M+ more than expected in year two.

The Challenge

  • Quickly-changing auto industry requires adaptivity
  • Providing dealers with a sub-optimal vehicle mix:
    • Increases cost – managing un-sold vehicles
    • Lost revenue when supply not equal to demand
  • Traditional approaches still have value
    • Need an approach to complement, not replace

The Solution

  • Recommendation engine created:
    • Provides the best mix of cars
    • Optimized for each dealership
  • Advanced predictions enhance legacy forecasts
  • Platform adopted by 100s of citizen data scientists
    • Empowers analysts with broad range of skillsets
    • Supports ever-expanding needs and use cases

The Impact

  • Hundreds of dealer orders optimized
  • Sales forecasts are substantially more accurate
  • $10M+ benefit in year 1
  • $50M+ more expected in year 2
  • RapidMiner enhances productivity of all teams
    • Data scientists free to focus on complex projects
    • Data analysts can work above their skill level

Get started with your precision forecasting project today!

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