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Insights Driving Actions: How to Get Real Results from Your Data Science Program

Maggie Seeds, Clarkston Consulting

Data science can feel like a futuristic, out-of-reach capability for many, but to get started with a data science project using RapidMiner all you need is a simple problem statement. The fact is, data analysts at almost any level of sophistication can leverage their current resources and datasets for meaningful, data-driven change in their business.

In this session we’ll cover: typical roadblocks (too much or not enough data, limited resources, untrained users, etc.) and how to overcome them, the optimal project structure and timeline for a data science project, and cross-industry examples and success stories of businesses at varying levels of data sophistication. Whether you’re just getting started in RapidMiner, campaigning for data science within your organization, or struggling with project momentum, this session will provide critical insights that enable data science success for your business.