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How to Cure the Model Impact Epidemic: A Path to Sustainable AI in Simple Terms

Worldwide spending on enterprise AI is expected to grow to $37.5 billion this year. As investments increase dramatically, it’s time to evaluate how well this money is being spent.

This is especially true in light of new evidence that indicates that we’re facing an epidemic that’s preventing AI models from being deployed into production where they can have an impact.

Some estimates report that as many as 90% of models are not deployed. How can we fix this and make the investments pay off?

Dr. Ingo Mierswa has been working in data science for 20 years on hundreds of AI and ML projects and has seen it all.  In this webinar, Ingo will dissect the issues that plague organizations that are striving to become ‘more AI-driven’ and prevent them from executing projects that have the potential to deliver incredible returns.

The complexity of data science often makes it hard to get accurate answers about why projects fail, but we break it down in simple terms and show you how to make it all work!