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EzCater Accomplishes Early Prediction of LTV with Stitch and RapidMiner

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Live Webinar: Introducing RapidMiner Auto Model

February 21  |  11:00 am ET


Join Dr. Ingo Mierswa, RapidMiner Founder and President, for this webinar where he’ll provide a detailed overview of the features of RapidMiner Auto Model including: suggesting the best machine learning techniques and automatically generating optimized cross-validated models, highlighting which features have the greatest impact on your objective, and the interactive model simulator that lets users quickly explore the model to see how it performs!
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Live Event: Boston Data Science & Machine Learning MeetUp

February 21 |  Cambridge, MA


At our next Boston MeetUp we will team up with our partner, Rosette to review all things Text Analytics. It is an age of fuzzy information, it is an epoch of colossal data, structured or unstructured and figuring out how to use it all is challenging. We have selected two great presenters that will demonstrate how you can get the most out of all that data! Presenters will include Gil Irizarry, Engineering Director from Rosette, and Yuan Yuan Huang, Data Scientist from RapidMiner.
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Live Event: RapidMiner MeetUp Berlin

February 22 |  Berlin, Germany


In this months meeting, we will expand upon our case study and take a look at how to use text mining for content curation.
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Live Webinar: EzCater Accomplishes Early Prediction of LTV with Stitch and RapidMiner

February 27  |  11:00 am ET


Join ezCater Software Engineering Manager,  Jeff Dwyer, for this webinar to hear how ezCater is predicting LTV with Stitch and RapidMiner. Jeff will share his insights to getting as much data into your warehouse as possible and how ezCater is rapidly experimenting with different machine learning techniques to better understand their data.
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Live Event: Gartner Data & Analytics Summit – Texas

March 5-8 |  Grapevine, Texas


Data and analytics leaders are fueling digital transformation, creating monetization opportunities, improving the customer experience and reshaping industries. The conference will give you the tools to build on the fundamentals of data management, business intelligence (BI), and analytics; harness innovative technologies such as AI, blockchain and IoT; and accelerate the shift toward a data-driven culture to lead the way to better business outcomes. Be sure to register with discount code: DASP59 and stop by RapidMiner Booth #202.
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Live Event: Gartner Data & Analytics Summit – London

March 19-20 |  London


To survive and thrive in the digital era, now is the time to drive data and analytics into the core of your business and scale outward to every employee, customer, supplier and partner. This conference will help you create the future – a future based on data you can trust, analytics you can rely on and the insight needed to make game-changing business decisions.
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Live Event: – Europe

April 4-6 |  London


Hear about the latest innovations to create real-world ML applications. See amazing demos and speak with international experts and the insight needed to make game-changing business decisions.
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