Join us for RapidMiner Wisdom in New Orleans

October 10-12, 2018

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Live Event: Price Optimization & Customer Segmentation Meetup

September 20 |  Boston, MA


Price Optimization and Customer Segmentation are two things that have challenged product and marketing teams for years. Join us to learn how machine learning is making this easier and tips to getting started.
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Webinar: Intuitive Data Prep for Machine Learning

September 25


Join RapidMiner Founder Dr. Ingo Mierswa for this 60-minute webinar where he’ll provide a detailed overview of the features of RapidMiner Turbo Prep. By walking you through two example data sets he’ll show you:
  • An intuitive approach to quickly extract, join, filter, group, pivot, transform and cleanse data
  • How to create repeatable data prep steps, making it faster to reuse processes
  • How to seamlessly transition your data to RapidMiner Auto Model and start building predictive models on your prepared data
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Live Event: BattleFin Discovery Day

September 26-27 |  London


We are excited to join BattleFin in launching their second alternative data combine event. BattleFin created the Discovery Day Events to help source alpha generating alternative data and data centric investment strategies. They take a collaborative approach by inviting top investment firms in the world to participate with them. The One-on-One meetings puts alternative data companies in front of people that actually buy data.
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Live Event: RapidMiner Wisdom 2018

October 10-12 |  New Orleans, LA


RapidMiner Wisdom returns for its 8th user and community conference! Connect with fellow RapidMiner users, get product training, hear from industry experts, and see a sneak-preview of what we’re building next.
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