Webinar: Elaborate Your Time Series Analysis with RapidMiner

March 21| 9 AM IST


With RapidMiner, performing time series analysis is faster and simpler than ever before. RapidMiner Studio now includes a bundled time series extension with windowing operator and easier to use parameters. Join RapidMiner Data Scientist Dr. Fabian Temme where he’ll give a live demo on a time series data set showing you how to optimize your forecasting abilities.
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Live Event: RapidMiner Presenting at SPA in London

April 3 | London, UK


Join Kostas Bonikos from the RapidMiner Presales Team and Fred Gedling, Senior VP where we will be presenting on Machine Learning and AI.
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Webinar: How to Simplify Getting from Model Creation to Business Application

April 4 | 1 PM EST


Join this complimentary webinar, featuring experts from RapidMiner and FICO, and discover how to put your analytics into action with a combined framework that simplifies and accelerates the three stages of model development.
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Webinar: Operationalizing Artificial Intelligence with RapidMiner and Talend

April 30 | 1PM EST


RapidMiner and Talend are now helping global enterprises operationalize data science and AI. With RapidMiner’s automated data science platform and Talend’s enterprise data management platform, data scientists can now develop machine learning models that can rapidly scale to meet business needs and provide best in class customer experience, boost business outcomes, and outsmart the competition.
Join RapidMiner and Talend for this 60-minute webinar where we’ll detail how this partnership is helping organizations leverage the two platforms to operationalize predictive models in for use cases such as real-time customer experience, predictive maintenance, and fraud detection.
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