Enhancing Quality Control & Transforming Industry 4.0 with AI & IoT

Muddasir Hassan, Data Scientist, Anblicks

The automobile industry is a highly regulated industry that is slowly adopting Industry 4.0 to transform their operations. Our customer is a global automobile manufacturer who wants to succeed in the ultra-competitive engine manufacturing industry by delivering high-quality engines in tight timeframes. Manual quality inspection methods are very difficult and time-consuming leading to more challenges in process optimization and scaling.  Join us as we discuss how we solved our customer’s challenge by implementing artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT solutions to the manufacturing process, using RapidMiner data science platform to speed up the fault detection process and predict crucial defects faster and more accurately. The AI solution analyzes the IoT data from 110+ IoT devices including engine temperature, pressure, air, cooling sensors and others that are used in the manufacturing process.