Bridging the Gap: Measuring & enhancing integrity with data science

Measuring the difference between action and intent

Presented by Jeremy Osinski, Senior Manager, Forensic & Security Services at EY, Todd Marlin, Global Leader of Technology & Innovation at EY, and Mark Beluk, Associate Forensic Data Analytics at EY

How can you quantify someone’s integrity? How can businesses bridge the gap between their employees’ and stakeholders’ intentions, actions and data?

In this video, you’ll learn how to use data science to make an organization’s compliance and risk management processes more effective and efficient. By integrating multiple, disparate data sources to developing digestible front-end visualizations and case management tools combined with machine learning, you can improve organizational culture and create a better-functioning business environment.

The Problem? 80% of the data from an enterprise is unstructured. Compliance professionals are skeptical of the benefit of using machine learning. EY wants to utilize RapidMiner to fuse structured and unstructured data, and prove the usefulness of these programs.

The Solution? Using Microsoft Azure integrated with RapidMiner, EY was able to create an integrated and automated compliance program that accurately assess risk and gives the client the insights they need to move forward.

Watch the full video below.

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