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Webinar: Mastermind Your AI-Driven Digital Transformation

A successful AI initiative plays out like an award-winning heist movie.

It involves a diverse team of talented professionals leveraging specialized tools, collaborating seamlessly, and adapting to every new challenge in an agile fashion.

To succeed with your digital transformation, you must repeatedly pull off successful AI “heists.” Real life is harder than the movies, but the rewards are greater (and even more socially beneficial), and the tools are better than ever.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • To identify and assemble a group of skilled team members to engage in your own AI caper
  • To understand how collaboration is a crucial element to AI initiatives and bank heists
  • How specific tools can assist the right team in getting projects across the finish line

Watch this on-demand webinar with guest speaker Forrester Principal Analyst Dr. Kjell Carlsson where we will discuss the key roles (data engineer, data scientist, developer), tools (autoML, MLOps, explainability), and collaborative best practices to scale your AI initiatives from isolated capers to a full-blown data science syndicate.

Scott Barker
Co-Head of Marketing at RapidMiner
Dr. Kjell Carlsson
Guest Speaker, Forrester Principal Analyst

Accelerate Your Data-Driven Transformation

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