Deploy Prescriptive Models Using Grafana

Many predictive models are consumed by end users in applications that they use every day. Dashboards are common tools where data analysis and decisioning happens and augmenting those decisions with predictions and prescriptions can help end users make educated decisions empowered by machine learning.
With RapidMiner 9.6, we provide Grafana as a dashboard solution powered by RapidMiner processes. Queries are fired from the dashboard & the data is fetched from RapidMiner in real-time.
In this session, you’ll learn how to:
  • Build data workflows in RapidMiner
  • Publish it as a web service
  • Leverage bundled Grafana to create interactive dashboards
Join Pavithra Rao, Presales Engineer at RapidMiner for this 45-minute lightning demo followed by a live Q&A on Grafana with RapidMiner.