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Enhancing Demand Forecast through Advanced Analytics

Jose Mejias and Gilberto Graciani, HPE

Enterprises are on a journey to build data driven organizations. Our journey started years ago, calling for all decision making, strategic planning and key processes to be driven by data insights and intelligence. Descriptive stage allows us to measure how we were but does not provide insights on what we should do to become better, nor predict key events, or provide optimal solutions. The Data Scientists teams along with the IT organization partnered, providing tools, technologies and processes to close the skill set gap between data science and business roles. After a comprehensive evaluation, RapidMiner was selected and provisioned as part of the comprehensive Enterprise Analytics platform. RapidMiner was introduced in Q2 and is having an accelerated adoption rate. It has been instrumental in closing the data and analytics competency gap across the organization. Our Supply Chain Demand planning team data and analytics story will be shared, where in a few months a best-in-class demand prediction model was developed that improves median error by 40%.