Call Volume Forecast Using RapidMiner

Call volume forecasting built for success

Presented by Michael Stansky, Consultant, Data Analytics, FirstEnergy

In this video, Michael demonstrates how to use RapidMiner to forecast customer contact center call volume using historical all volume and considering call volume drivers.

The Problem? The demand for support within call centers is always volatile. During one year, FirstEnergy will receive 16 million calls for their 700 call center employees. In order to manage the constantly shifting need for employees on call, FirstEnergy aimed to create a program to handle call volume. They opted to use machine learning as it provided short and long-term models using their historical data.

The Solution? While they had an old forecast, it was very manually intensive, hard to use and a high reliance on short term correlation. RapidMiner helped create an easily understandable, end-to-end and fully automated solution, with comprehensive documentation and identification of knowledge gaps.

Watch the full video below.

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