Date: July 25, 2017
Time: 11:00 am ET

Speaker: Derek Wilson, President and CEO of CDO Advisors LLC

Building models to predict customer actions is just the first step in implementing data mining and predictive analytics solutions. The integration of the models with your business processes is a critical step to a successful analytics program.

In this session you will learn how 3 business cases can be used to enhance call center operations to improve revenue and decrease expenses.

In this webinar we’ll discuss leveraging models for:

  • Agent Churn – Predict which center agents are most likely to quit and the primary drivers for attrition to reduce turnover and decrease hiring expenses
  • Customer Churn – Predict which customers are most likely to stop using your services and integrate with your CRM to enhance call center agent knowledge
  • Cross Sell Opportunities – Predict which customers are most likely to accept a new offer or service and integrate with your CRM to improve revenue by targeted selling

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