Automatic Feature Engineering with RapidMiner Auto Model

With the 9.1 release of RapidMiner, you can automatically select and extract useful features as part of RapidMiner’s Auto Model. RapidMiner Founder, Dr. Ingo Mierswa outlines how RapidMiner is incorporating a novel approach for automatic feature engineering in this 50-minute webinar where he discusses:

Join RapidMiner Founder Dr. Ingo Mierswa for this 60-minute webinar where he provides a detailed overview of the features of 

RapidMiner Turbo Prep. By walking you through two example data sets he’ll show you:

  • The trade-off between feature complexity and model performance
  • The process of feature engineering for better model accuracy and model understandability
  • How automatic feature selection improves models by extracting meaningful features
  • How to enable automatic feature selection in RapidMiner Studio