AI for Anyone: The RapidMiner vision that puts people at the center of artificial intelligence

Scott Barker & Scott Genzer, RapidMiner

The secret to successful implementations of AI in the modern enterprise isn’t learning a specific coding
language, using a fancy new algorithm or following a formulaic process that worked well for someone else. It’s 
people. The most ironic truth in the buzzy world of machine learning and artificial intelligence is that humans are the key to success.

This doesn’t mean you need to find and hire a unicorn data scientist who has a PhD in statistics and computer science, Steve Jobs-like presentation skills and an unprecedented grasp on business strategy. Rather, it’s all about re-thinking the way diverse teams of people create, communicate and operate together from engineers, data analysts, and data scientists to executives and key stakeholdersIf data science projects happen in a vacuum they will be destined to fail.

RapidMiner’s visual workflow design has helped drive collaboration across modern enterprise data science initiatives, enabling a true multi-disciplinary approach. In this presentation we show our latest advances that make it even easier for teams to work together towards the same end goal of driving change and shaping the future of their business with AI/ML 

In this session we: 

  • Unveil the new RapidMiner mission and product strategy that’s designed to help put people at the center of your machine learning journey 
  • Show how our roadmap is built around leveraging different team members in order to make your projects successful 
  • Illustrate and demo some of the newest features – including an early glimpse at RapidMiner 9.6