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RapidMiner 9.6: Expanding RapidMiner to full-time coders and BI users

Driving better collaboration across the enterprise

Over the years, RapidMiner’s visual, code-optional platform has helped drive collaboration across enterprise data science initiatives, enabling a faster, simpler, more approachable way to get things done.

As AI & ML become more widespread, there are more diverse groups across an organization that need to be involved in your projects. We’re excited to show you our latest enhancements to the platform that will make it even easier for these diverse teams to work together towards the same end goal of shaping the future of their business with AI & ML.

Watch this on-demand webinar to see how:

  • 9.6 embraces full-time coders with new functionality that allows them to share and re-use their work more efficiently
  • A brand new offering allows business users and analysts to explore the potential of AI to solve their day-to-day challenges
  • RapidMiner makes it easier than ever to share insights from models with consumers across the enterprise