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Reports & Tools

Analyst Report

Accelerate Your Data-Driven Transformation

Thinking about making a data-driven transformation? This study conducted by Forrester Consulting outlines how organizations are achieving success & planning for the future, so you can make the best decisions.


RapidMiner Platform Security

In this whitepaper, we discuss how the RapidMiner Platform complies with security standards – providing authentication, authorization, accountability, and data encryption.


Building the Perfect AI Team

What functional roles are needed for a successful machine learning project? This ebook provides guidance on how to go about building your AI dream team.


The Model Impact Epidemic

There’s an epidemic that’s preventing models from making it into deployment where they can actually have an impact. RapidMiner illustrates this epidemic.


Code-Free and Code-Based Data Science

Learn how RapidMiner can ease the tension on projects that require collaboration between code-based data scientists and code-free visual approaches being used by citizen data scientists.


4 Real-Time Scoring Use Cases

Read through this ebook to learn more about Real-Time Scoring use cases for high volume, low latency, and upsell opportunities.


Introduction to Text Analytics

RapidMiner offers innovative text analytics solutions that support all of your company’s data needs where textual content is available, needs to be processed or can be analyzed. See how text analytics solutions can help reveal what your customers are thinking.


Introduction to Advanced Analytics

This whitepaper outlines the differences between Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence plus how they fit into the overall category of Analytics.


Data Mining for the Masses

Data Mining for the Masses is an in-depth eBook that will teach you the basics of data mining with RapidMiner.