RapidMiner 8.0 improves the reliability and scalability of the RapidMiner platform, enabling the production, deployment, and management of enterprise-scale data science projects.

RapidMiner Studio 8.0

New operators, better operator docs, Fuzzy search – December 2017


  • Parallelized optimization of model parameters
    • Optimize Parameters (Grid)
    • Loop Parameters
  • Easier to understand operator documentation
  • Fuzzy search allows to find operators more easily

RapidMiner Server 8.0

Highly scalable micro-services based architecture for enterprise Data Science Collaboration – December 2017


The new architecture will provide improved reliability and horizontal scalability, setting the stage for enterprise collaboration and resource management.

  • A new distributed architecture – delivering unlimited horizontal scalability
  • Containerized job executions – ensures operational continuity and system stability
  • Flexible and Enhanced configuration capabilities – dedicated resource management
  • An improved Server UI – providing a better experience for monitoring jobs, executions and more

RapidMiner Radoop 8.0

HiveContext Support, Cloudera Spark library upgrade and more

  • New K-Means operator is available that is based on the Spark MLib/ML clustering algorithm
  • HiveContext is now available in Spark Script, if the user has the appropriate privileges
  • And more….