Blend, wrangle, and cleanse your data with intuitive data prep that’s fun to use

Point and Click

Turbo Prep enables users to interact directly with the data, inside a fast and fun user experience

All your changes are tracked, and you can see the results right away.


Blend, wrangle and cleanse

Easily blend and join data from a variety of sources including relational databases, NoSQL, APIs, spreadsheets, applications, social media, and more. Then use Turbo Prep to quickly extract, join, filter, group, pivot, transform and cleanse your data.

Re-use and share

Create repeatable data prep processes to save time. When you are finished, send your data directly to RapidMiner Studio or Auto Model for model creation. You can also save your data as Excel or CSV or send it to data visualization products like Qlik.


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Here’s RapidMiner Turbo Prep in Action