Maximize the value of predictive analytics in your business

RapidMiner Studio makes predictive analytics lightning-fast, radically reducing the time to unearth opportunities and risks. Our cutting-edge approach brings together all the necessary tools for accelerating the creation, delivery, and maintenance of high-value predictive analytics.

Streamline Data Prep

Optimize predictions with expertly formatted data

RapidMiner Studio’s powerful visual design perspective speeds repetitive tasks, dramatically reducing the time spent on data access and prep. Moreover, our breath of functionality optimizes model performance.


• Connect to any data at any scale
• Advanced data preparation capabilities
• Optimization schemes

Rapidly Build and Train Predictive Models

Get your strongest models into production faster

RapidMiner Studio provides a comprehensive set of visual modeling techniques. Our advanced approach enables you to rapidly prototype, test and deliver predictive results faster than ever before.


• Hundreds of built in algorithms
• Open-source extensibility
• Easy integration of R and Python code

Validate Model Performance

Ensure results meet your business success criteria

RapidMiner Studio’s advanced cross-validation techniques allows you to effectively and efficiently evaluate your best model candidates with confidence before you put them into production.


  • High-velocity scoring engine
  • Honest validation capabilities
  • Encapsulated pre-processing


Flexible Deployment Options

Immediately turn insight into action

RapidMiner Studio allows you to easily share and implement predictive insights throughout the organization with flexible APIs for Web services, business applications and data visualization tools.


Ready to get started?

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