Visual workflow designer for predictive analytics that brings data science and machine learning to everyone on the analytics team

Maximize data science productivity

  • Visual workflow designer accelerates the prototyping & validation of predictive models, with predefined connections, built-in templates and repeatable workflows.
  • Rich library of over 1500 machine learning algorithms and functions to build the strongest possible predictive model for any use case
  • Open and extensible for easy integration with existing applications, data, and programming languages like Python and R
  • Now with Auto Model and Turbo Prep: RapidMiner Auto Model uses automated machine learning to accelerate every step in the lifecycle of building a model. With RapidMiner Turbo Prep everyone from analysts to data scientists can easily transform, pivot and blend data from multiple sources in just a few clicks.

Introducing RapidMiner Turbo Prep

RapidMiner Turbo Prep accelerates data preparation by visually blending and enriching data, enabling analytics teams to work with data faster.

Streamlines transformation, development & validation

Connect to any data source, any format, at any scale

Quickly discover patterns or data quality issues

Create the optimal data set for predictive analysis

Expertly cleanse data for advanced algorithms

Efficiently build and delivers better models faster

Confidently & accurately estimate model performance

Data access

Connect to any data source, any format, at any scale

  • More data connectors than any other visual design platform.
  • Includes over 60 file types and formats for structured and unstructured data.

Access, load and extract information from unstructured data

  • 80+ functions for text, web and multimedia mining & processing.
  • Supports plain texts, HTML, PDF, RTF, and many more.

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  • Decision Tree

Data exploration

Robust statistical overviews to quickly explore and understand your data

  • Graphically displays attribute name & type.
  • Quickly identifies missing values.

A powerful chart engine offers more than 30 different visualization options

  • Bubble charts & 3-D scatter plots.
  • Network & tree visualizations, and many more.

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Data prep

Offers a host of data quality, integration, and transformation tools 

  • Multiple options to aggregate, filter and sort or join data.
  • Feature engineering operators for feature selection, creation & extraction.

Determine best influence factors or generate new factors

  • Advanced attribute weighting capabilities.
  • Options for new attribute generation.

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  • Blending
  • data cleanse

Data cleansing

Provides a variety of advanced approaches for data cleansing

  • Identification and removal of duplicate
  • Anomaly & outlier detection & removal
  • Normalization & standardization
  • Weighting schemes measuring the influence of attributes

Offers sophisticated dimensionality reduction technique

  • Self Organizing Maps (SOM)

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Breadth of machine learning functions

  • Classification, regression and clustering techniques.
  • Association mining, frequent item set & similarity computation.
  • Ensemble & hierarchical models.

More than 100 additional modeling operators

  • Seamlessly integrate R, Python and custom scripts.
  • Process Control functions.
  • Optimization loops & branches.

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  • decision tree
  • model validation


Only visual workflow designer with correct model validation techniques

  • Preprocessing models.
  • Cross validation & split validation.
  • Visual evaluation techniques.

Trustworthy performance calculations

  • Accuracy, Precision, Recall, RMSE, AUC and many more.
  • Calculating significance tests.

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Open and extensible

Integrate all of your existing applications, data, and programming languages

  • cloud execution

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