RapidMiner Server

Feature List

Computation & Scalability

  • Computational service: Use the computational power of enterprise servers and free Studio resources for development

  • Virtually unlimited scalability: Create RapidMiner Server (now RapidMiner AI Hub) clusters of any size by adding more Job Agents and machines to the environment


  • Easy creation of queues for resource management: Resources can be split among users or use cases, they can be shared or made exclusive by the administrator depending on the company’s structure

  • Flexible environment configuration: multiple options when creating queues that can adapt to any environment


  • Periodic scheduling of workflow executions within the AI Hub’s UI

  • Set up actions based on a triggered event

  • Remote execution of analysis processes

Integration & Operationalization

  • One-click deployment using Web Services: any process can be readily made into a published web service. Web Services allow integration with third-party tools like custom web consoles, BI tools and others.

  • Web services / processes can deliver XML, JSON, static / dynamic visualizations and binary files among others

  • The Real-Time Scoring agent allows you to predict at scale, with very low latency, and deliver actionable intelligence in real-time


  • Shared repository with security controls. Groups can share or protect their models and processes as needed

  • “Copy&paste” processes from Studio to the AI Hub or from AI Hub to AI Hub

  • Fine-grained permissions for processes, models and data


  • Reusable templates and processes: make processes available to the whole team to act as templates or best practices

  • LDAP integration or RapidMiner user system

  • Process version management


Management & Monitoring

  • Webapps: custom dashboards for monitoring, management and showcasing of process results

  • Logging and auditing of executions

  • Monitoring of current schedules and executions


  • Define and protect your database connections for processes to securely access data


  • Use any of Studio extensions in a RapidMiner AI Hub enterprise environment