RapidMiner Server

Share and re-use predictive models, automate processes, and deploy models into production

Team Collaboration

One place to share, manage, and secure data prep and modeling processes

  • Manage and share all work and data science artifacts (connections, data, processes, models and other results) in a central repository
  • Configure granular permissions to control access to specific processes and folder

Process Automation

Automate important tasks as often as needed

  • Create scheduled processes to prep and clean data, retrain models, and continuously score data in real-time
  • Integrate with external applications through a REST API

Lightning Fast Model Creation

Use dedicated server hardware to radically speed up predictive model creation

  • Take full advantage of multi-core multiprocessor server architectures
  • Push jobs from RapidMiner Studio to RapidMiner Server in a single click
  • Scale up and accelerate Auto Model in RapidMiner Studio as you run hundreds of models in parallel on RapidMiner Server

Turn Insight into Action

Operationalize predictive models and turn prescriptive actions into prescriptive recommendations

  • Create production web service APIs in just a few mouse clicks
  • Deploy models to RapidMiner Real-Time Scoring for high volume, low latency scoring
  • Monitor model performance over time to detect degradation and retrain as needed

Scalable, Reliable & Secure

Trust a modern architecture built for mission-critical data science applications

  • Scale arbitrarily to serve any data science workload
  • Run in a highly available active/active configuration to minimize downtime risk
  • Complies with modern enterprise authentication, authorization and encryption standards

Platform Deployment & Operation

Deploy anywhere and operate with minimal effort
  • Deploy wherever you want: on-premise, in the cloud or even in hybrid setups
  • Install easily, run pre-built images from Docker Hub or spin up ready-to-use VMs from the Microsoft Azure or AWS marketplaces
  • License flexibly and deploy to your needs

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