Move from data to insight to action faster than ever before

RapidMiner Server facilitates data science collaboration, increases computational power and enables the deployment, maintenance and embedding of predictive models & results.

Collaborative environment speeds team work

RapidMiner Server makes work easier and faster for data science teams. It provides a centralized environment for accessing, reusing and sharing data sources, predictive processes and best practices.


  • Interactive dashboards
  • Server-based repository
  • Version-control & security features

Computational power fuels lightning-fast predictions

RapidMiner Server is optimized for performance and lets you run big jobs on enterprise hardware freeing up local systems; cloud extension for on-demand elastic compute environment.


  • High-performance Architecture
  • Server-Based Execution
  • Real-time Progress Monitoring

Operationalization turns insights into immediate action

Embed predictive analytics results directly into any of your business applications or critical day-to-day business processes. You can also set up scheduled processing and continuously score data in real-time.



  • API & Web service deployment
  • Dynamically manage models
  • Cloud, server & big data support

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