RapidMiner Real-Time Scoring

Turn predictive insights into prescriptive actions

Operationalize Predictive Models

Drive revenue, reduce costs, and avoid risks with real-time scoring

  • Assess financial service risk in real-time
  • Identify manufacturing defects in real-time to prevent failure before it occurs
  • Create new revenue streams through real-time custom analytics

High Velocity, Low Latency Scoring Engine

Support demanding use cases that require real-time performance

  • Extends RapidMiner AI Hub (formerly RapidMiner Server) for real-time scoring use cases
  • Deliver predictions with near-zero latency in just a few milliseconds
  • Deploy on-premise or in the cloud via Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure

Easy to Integrate with Existing Applications

Add real time scoring to any business application or process

  • Use a REST API for easy integration with existing applications and programming languages.
  • Elastic scaling and high availability support ensures minimal downtime for mission-critical applications

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